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  1. Hey Ed, Didn't think you were up there this late in the year. We were fishing the river and the fishing was real slow. Started saturday decent and then it tanked. Thought about headed to the big lake but decided to stay in the river. Wish we would have went out. Are they getting any 4 YO out there anymore? Stopped at the fish cleaning station and by the looks in the ref rig, looks like all the mature fish are headed up river. Very poor season so far.
  2. When I was out of lexington this spring it seemed like it was shallower in closer to the piers. There is also only one river flowing into the st clair river that I knew of. I was thinking the fish might possibly not stage like they do near ludington or the board man in TC since there really is not any great rivers with decent runs. I am going to give it a few shots this fall and I was hoping to get an idea of how I should target them from someone that fishes southern lake huron. It's only a 50 minute drive for me so that is why I am curious. I will also be going to Ludington a few times this year as well.
  3. When I was younger, I always headed north and northwest in search of Salmons. I did not even think about going to fishing the southern lake Michigan rivers. This spring I fished some of the Southern Lake Huron ports out of my 16 foot flat bottom and had a blast. I was wondering if the Salmon fishing ever turns on right around the piers heads in the fall or if the fish are all nasty and stale by the time they hit the piers? I have heard that when they get close they are all nasty in southern Lake Michigan. I was just wondering if there is any truth to that. Thanks for any information you may provide.
  4. The King salmon were big this year and were no match for us. It also did not help we had poor fishing at the end of August. This is definitly not the best film I have made but the experience was cool so I thought I would share. http://youtu.be/_QOm0nA0FiE If you want to see more, check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Greatlakesedge?ref=hl
  5. Nice job, Ed! I was suppose to go to the ausable today but bailed on that. Let me know if you need a fishing partner any time soon. I am back in SE michigan.
  6. My fantasy auto racing league is up and ready. This is the 7th year I have been running this and I hope everyone who has participated the past couple years will sign up again. Last year was really close and was alot of fun. Here are the details: Go here: http://racing.fantasysports.yahoo.com/auto/group/14698 Create and name for yourself if you don't already have one. Here is a reminder of how to join. If you follow this you should have no problem joining: Click the linky>click create or join group>click join existing group>Click join a private group>then enter the I.D. and password which is at the top of the thread. Group ID#: 14698 Password: whitetail If you have any question about how to get in on the league, please use the PM's and i'll try to get back to you soon. If anyone wants to invite any friends, feel free to do so. Also, if you don't have a yahoo email address you do need one. Enough is enough, LET'S GO RACING!!
  7. I got this family on tape snagging salmon a few months ago. I thought i'd share: Zm-AS70d3KQ This fall, don't forget to take your cells down to the river and make the call to the RAP hot line when you see snaggers. Who knows, you may receive a reward for doing so.
  8. We got a 15 pound laker out of New Buffalo this wkd also. It was chaos on the boat while fighting that fish.
  9. Is it possibly your a bit to early. They don't start pulling numbers out of the bays til about now. You should start picking them up any day now. As for you being the one to pull fish usually, it happens. Happened to me every time I fished off the piers last summer. Usually I am the one hooking up like crazy but I struggled big time. That's fishing though, not catching!
  10. A few weeks ago I headed north to see a friend. This report is majorly late because I just got home from Out West last night. There was no way I was going to travel up north without getting some fishing in. My night was spent staying up and walking around downtown. Around 5 I went to bed, but sleep was hard to come by. 5:45 I was up and by 6:20 we were sitting on our fishing hole. We were jigging for Lakers and Whitefish. My buddy hit a fish right away and landed a nice whitefish. A few minutes later I got hit and landed a 5-6 lb Laker. We had a few more fish hit but couldn't connect in the 60+ ft of water. Sleep was in order when I got back. I hung out with the friend for a few hours and then got a call from UBSLO1 that he was headed out trolling for Salmon. I couldn't resist the offer and was on my way to meet up with him. I took a little video of the trip. uxUV1NU6F20 The fishing really took of after the sun was down. We had 5 hits with 3 that stuck. Noah landed the one in the video. I hooked two big fish that took me for a ride. I had both of them to the back of the boat and they spit the hook right out of sight. Oh well... The next day I got in 10 minutes of fishing and landed one small little rock bass on a crawler. The sunset was amazing While walking back to the truck I came across this which I though was pretty cool: pR-oATA1k-0&hl Then I drove home, got ready for out west, took a nap and was off. However, that's for another post.
  11. Hopefully a 20 pounder doesn't drag you into the crowds. That could be scary!
  12. Sweet! Nice Job! I seen a fish pushing 20 lb up at Frankfort this wkd. Looking good!
  13. That's what I was thinking Tray. I was on my buddies boat and he had vinyl on his floor. I want to put some new carpet where the existing carpet is and put in some compartments somewhere. Some that are hidden and locked and also use some netting to hold stuff. Also, a few rod holders will have to be put in since I plan on plugging and trolling a little bit.
  14. stel

    Hey Ed,

    We were talking about this wkd coming up but other plans got in the way. Were thinking possibly the 2nd wkd of August if possible. I will be in the Manistee area this wkd but don't know when.

    How'd you do in the Gander Mountain Tournament?

    BTW, I finally got a boat that will work for me. Now to rig it up;)

  15. I just got my hands on a 14 ft flat bottom for a real good price. I am going to use this more for river fishing but will have it around the pier heads for kings when weather is nice, or trolling the lakes that receive kings. I am looking for ideas on what I want in the boat whether it's a flat bottom for steel or open bow for great lake kings. If you have a small boat let's see your interior pics. I've got a few ideas right now. Here is a pic for now. I have a better one on my camera.
  16. stel

    Hey Ed,

    I am trying to book a wkd at Ludington State Park for the 24 but it's booked. Nothing has changed since I started looking. I was thinking of trying to get a campsite where you stay. What is that places name?

  17. We call them 5-eye in the north...good lure
  18. This past wkd I went up to Clear Lake State Park. We had a blast the whole wkd. On July 4th we went and fished a small lake. Each person put in 5 bucks for the biggest crappie. I think in the back of our heads we all were thinking who would get the most fish, the sons or the dads. The sons were in one boat while the dads were in the other. Fishing started off real slow. The sons hit a fish here and there, but nothing spectacular. It was also real windy. I then hooked a a nice smallie on my deer hair jig with a minnow. However, I lost it in the weeds. We were all using ultra light rods and an assortment of jigs with minnows. The dads were getting pissed that we kept catching fish so they shot to the other side of the lake in their boat. Right when they went around the corner I hooked into a pig on my 4 1/2 ft ugly stix. We pulled the fish out of the weeds and took my time landing him. Finally we had him in the net. He was a little under 3 lbs and 18.5 inches. What a blast he was on a ultra light. We got a pic and let him go. Unfor. it was on my buddies cam. I'll post it if I ever get a hold of it. Up until dark I was catching bass after bass. It was ridiculous. An hour before sunset the wind finally let up and we started to pound the crappie. The dads then came back and started to catch crappie too. It was basically none stop action. We were yelling back and fourth small little jabs. The sun went down and I didn't want to quit. Heck, my dad was having so much fun he wanted to keep on fishing. Finally it was to dark to fish. The crappie turned off and it was time to head in. We needed to beat the fireworks so we wouldn't get stuck in the traffic. It was a cool site to be driving down the road while watching the fire works go off just about everywhere. We ended up stopping at a bar around 11:30. Surprizenly they still were cooking. We had an awesome dinner with more smack talk back and fourth. Back at camp we were all wanting to know who won, the sons, or the dads. We counted them up and the final score was: Sons: 18 Dads: 14 However...my buddies dad got the biggest that went about 12 inches. So we all forked over the money. I couldn't have asked for a better 4th. I hope everyone else had a great 4th as well.
  19. That's great to hear! Any pics of this pig?
  20. Thanks guys for the advice! I was thinking about buying a bigger rig(16 ft with more Hp) but another purchase I am going to make is going to cost more then what I wanted. So as soon as I get this other purchase i'll be looking for a 14 footer. Thanks again!
  21. I have been fishing the Great Lakes out of other peoples boat since I was born. I wish I could go out and get two boats but just getting out of college and not knowing where a job might take me is a little tough. I am well aware of the dangers the lakes have. That's why I am not looking to go out deep. I want something that would not limit me to the pier heads all the time:no: and will allow me to go within a couple hundred feet from the piers/shore. I also fish the rivers a ton when the fish come in so I need something for that.
  22. Looks like i'll need to get a little bit bigger boat then what I was hoping. I was hoping to get something between 12 and 14 foot but that doesn't seem possible. Maybe I won't be getting a boat this summer:( Always next winter though:rolleyes:
  23. This might be a real dumb question, but I don't want to get into another unstable boat. I was given a boat this past winter. I thought it would work out fine for what i wanted it for....so I thought. So now I have a boat with no width, and a 7 1/2 power engine I have no use for. It would work in the inland lakes, but if you need to stand up, forget about it. I am a hardcore river guy, and would like to troll for kings when they get in close. What I want to know is how wide does a boat need to be to be able to stand in. How tall do the sides need to be. If one does slip, or leans over to net a fish, the boat doesn't take in water. I don't have alot to spend, but I do want to get something that will work for me within my budget and not spend a ton of money on useless parts.
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