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Net-Mate Net Holder Review

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Finally had the chance to put the new net Holder from Net-Mate Systems to the test this past weekend. The first photo below is of my set up before the Net-Mate was tested, which made this product even sweeter, and consisted of the great lakes planer system which has a larger dedicated rocket launcher for the net. This was very troublesome to reach through and around everything at times in rough conditions with the canvas on, multiple rods running from the side trees and the planer line that runs off the top of the side tree and the release clip for the net would always come loose from the boat banging around and the net would get caught on everything it could possibly catch while trying to get it out. One more thing i really liked in comparison to my old set up was that during hauling we didn't have to take the net out of the launcher and lay it on the floor, it stays in place. We ran this weekend in 5-7 footers and the net never moved. We had zero problems retrieving the net through all the gear as it just lays to the side of the W/A and the release clip was always where it was supposed to be. In my opinion this is a great little product that is very inexpensive in the grand scheme of big lake fishing. I assume alot of guys may try to fab something similar themselves to save themselves some money being that it is a very simple product, but lets face it guys.....you can't put a price on your limited time on the water. This is definitely a product i will stand behind!




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