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A Day with a walleye Pro. 5-20-09

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With the new AIM tournament (offspring of the old PWT) being held out of Bay City starting this Friday, I helped out both a friend and a Pro find some river fish this morning. Here's the post I made on my board.

O.K., Here's the poop. And some may not get much info from what I'm about to post, as the Pro I fished with today wasn't wild about having his picture taken with any of the 9 fish we ended up catching. I never met this Pro until today and was doing a very close friend of mine a favor for showing him a few river spots. I liked this guy almost immediately and we hit it off pretty good. But being I was on his boat as his guest, (rather I was helping him or not) I can and will respect his wishes about no names or revealing pictures right now. I will (if asked) give out a little more info about our day after the AIM tourney is over, and I will say we caught fish from Smith park ramp all the way to the Grain towers, upstream of the Zillwaukee Bridge running lead core and cranks. The first thing we did was take an 11 mile (no wake) ride upriver from the ramp, and I pointed out the better spots to troll and jig fish to him. We hammered down on the way back but stopped and trolled in four of what I/we thought were the better places and caught a walleye or two in each one. I was given permission to post this one picture when cropped of our big fish. Can't really say how big it was, (I'm thinking 25 or 26 inches) as none of our fish were netted, measured or weighed, but simply keel hauled over the side, unhooked and set free immediately. The mission was to find fish and establish a technique for catching them. Mission accomplished!! And I'm sorry, but that's the best I can do right now. :grin:


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