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I finally made it out on the lake for a fishing trip. We got out of Grand Haven about 9 and fished till noon. Went 1 for 1, a nice 10# king. Caught it 60 ft down in 80 FOW on a Orange Chips Shanster.

I had lots of issues with the new weights, two tangles- one on each side, almost one in the motor :eek: . Ended up swaping my outside balls with the inside pancakes. Ran fine after a few tweeks. Anyone else have this issue? Solutions? (Tried bending the fins)

It was good to get back on the water. Was worried I wasted a trip when the winds of change blew the lake into a frenzy on Saturday. Oh well, had a good weather this morning.


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We have been using the Stinger pancake weights made by JimBob out of Muskegon for over 20+ years. They are the most used downrigger weight of charter captains in Grand Haven and the surrounding ports. As long as they are tuned and bent correctly, they are hard to beat. I will never use another downrigger weight.

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I know I hear from a lot of guys how much they love em I just got tired of having em swim around my other riggers. I won't put the entire blame on them cause it was mostly due to poor boat driving and changing currents. When I get a auto pilot or someone else who can set gear I may try them again. But like a lot of other things people either love em or hate em.

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