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Lake Louise :butcher:

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I finally made it back fishing, and even have a report. Got an early start, about 9AM. Drove through driving rain down to the fishing hole. Once we were down there the rain let up. Set up in about 8fow and had good action all day. Waxies on a glow tear drop with a pink head seemed to be the best producer, close 2nd was my buddies orange forage minnow and waxy. Caught several nice bass off the tip ups, and a few on our rods. Ice was holding pretty good, but a few more days of this weather and I wouldn't be so sure about good ice. About 2PM I couldn't keep my lure in the water. I would bring one in, put the lure back down, and bring it right back up with another. This went on for 10-15 minutes, it was great. While I was catching my buddy was talking on the phone and not fishing:lol: Kept 40 gills between the 2 of us, 2 of the keepers were solid crappie. C&R a bunch of bass and generally had just a great day of ice fishing. Cleaned my catch last night, put em in a ziploc with water and onto the freezer for a meal down the road. Can not wait to go again...

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