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  1. 80 yo 110 start straight out the fish have moved s little north I will be out Thursday am give me a shout jimbobber
  2. fished out of holland last night for the steelheaders leauge, we went to 80 fow and after switching out a defective bilge pump we started to fish , if you want to catch laketrout they are in 80 to 110 fow and are very willing to bite just bounce bottom with a tin can and spin-n-glow we caught 5 trout ,2 coho,1king and a steelhead going 9 for 13 . the steelhead came on a 150 45 lb blood run copper with a hot lobste spoon , the king came on a300 45 lb blood run copper with a blue frog silver streak spoon , the cohos came on dipseys with meat rig on one and a dream catcher spinnie on the other , the lake seems to be setting up with a nice temp break down 65 foot .
  3. well we had the tuesday night fishing leauge last night so we went put despite the bad fishing reports, we went to 100 fow set lines and rode around all night until the last 15 minutes of light in 85 fow and had one rip on diver back 90 on meat rig ,and promptly lost it lol so i got the ole black and white kitty last night . The winning boat got 5 fish in 85 fow we marked lots of fish there to. anyway it was i nice night on the water spent with a couple of good freinds .
  4. Congrats buddy ! Spoil your little girl !
  5. fished out of holland tonight ,was fishing the holland steelheaders summer leauge so went to the trout grounds ( 90 fow south of holland) put down two tin cans and spin-n-glows bouncing bottom one on rigger and one on wire diver dragging bottom , took 4 lakers in the first hour and half then the high divers and the other low wire diver started to fire with kings , white paddle with pickle sunshine flie,green e chip with pickle sunshine flie, mountain dew meat rig,all took fish we ended the night with 9 fish and loosing two , had a fun night on the water with a couple good buddys now off to ludinghton for a week of camping and blue gill fishing woohoo! jimbobber out
  6. sorry for the late report, ive been busy , any way tuesday i helped with the salmon in the classroom outing with bending limits sports fishing in saugatuck we had two young men on board and were able to put 5 fish in the boat it was all smiles:thumb: we fished th 95 to 110 fow but had to troll south to get bites all the action came on spoons 45 to 50 down. In the evening we fished the holland steelheaders summer leauge out of holland on my boat, we went to 95 and trolled south didnt get much and notice the current had changed direction from the am so turned it north still nothing so i decided to quarter the current and that was the ticket we slowly got a few fish zig zagging out to 110 and back to 95 fow , we ended the night with a triple with 15 minute to go in our fishing time landed two of them and lost the third.Went to the weigh in and had just under 70 lbs for 5 fish and too k first place on the night. Things that have been working for us : Big white slick paddle with a mirage flie down on rigger anywere from 70 to 110 down 250 feet of blood run 45 lb copper with a hot lobster mag silver streak spoon. 250 feet of blood run 45 lb copper with a lemen berry mag silver streak spoon. wire diver mag set on 1 back 150 with a green e chip with a pickle sunshine flie wire diver mag set on 1 set back 175 with a 10" spinnie with a meat rig. rigger dow 55 to 65 with blue metalic frog silver streak with all this wind im sure the fish will be scattered but look at the pier heads if the water is cold enough and the bait is there the kings will be to . good luck to every one on this nice looking weekend ahead:thumb:
  7. Ed , here is the web site. www.michigansteelheaders.org im not sure what is the closest chapter to ludington but you can join any of them.The web site has all the info on it. thanks Jimmy VanBrocklin web master Holland Steelheaders.
  8. friday 5-17 at 8:00pm is the deadline for sign up for the steelheaders challenge.
  9. Well here we go after sat. am catching 12 i thaught here we go another slam dunk HAH ! , the good is that we marked tons of fish and bait off holland last night ,the bad is that the wind switched and the fish seemed to get lock jaw , but i post good or bad so here is the ugly i thru everything but the kitchen sink at them and all kinds of different speeds,depth ect. ended up with a black and white kitty in the cooler OUCH! oh well still had a nice evening hangin with a couple of good buddys.
  10. here is the spoons that worked yesterday. jimmy
  11. fished out of holland today fished 60 to 70 fow with 70 fow being best . Ended up 12 for 17 with 5 being salmon one was 17 lbs two were 12 to 15 lbs and an 8lb king and a coho the rest were lake trout. We got fish on 150,and 250 45 lb bloodrun coppers , 40 and 45 down on riggers and wire dipseys back 100 with mag dipseys set on 1. the best spoon was a laker taker jp slammer that spoon took 6 fish, others that worked were mag lemon berry streak, mag streak not sure of the name , and a carmel dolphin jp slammer , i will post pictures of the spoons later.Thanks to Mark,Mike and Mully for coming along today it was fun with great freinds!
  12. met Ben Lubbs And Bob (corallee) at the dock at 5:30 went out to 45 fow set lines and trolled sw to 85 fow turned around trolled to saugy hit 45 fow and it hit the fan woohoo! we took 4 hits in a matter of 15 minute with 2 being a double, ended up with one 12 lb king and two lakers lost another laker. things that worked : 150 blood run copper 45 lb with a lemon berry silver streak spoon took the king. 150 blood run copper with a glow fire dog jp slammer took a laketrout rigger down 43 witha killer green glow jp slammer took a lake trout and rigger down 40 with a laker taker jp slammer had a laker that was turned loose by a fish actavist lol Ben with the first king of the year ! Had a great time with Ben And Bob Thanks for going with me!!!
  13. Ya I pulled 4 plastic bags off my stuff and lots of weeds this was by saugy in the muddy water
  14. Fished this morning with good freind crazy Dennis and is wife , we fished from40 fow to 150 fow with only one 3 lb coho in 90 fow on a 3 color of lead on a modified mi sunset slammer . water is very murky out to 65 fow. the water temps are 43 deg out to around 80 fow then it drops to 39 , didnt hear of to much other success out there today, but it was still a nice day to be on the lake with good freinds
  15. I have a great lakes brand 4000 lb cantaliever electric boat lift, I was fixing it up for my boat but discovered it wojuld not work for the tall dock at the marina so my loss is your gain! Things ive done to it : I replaced the switch and power cord with new , replaced the bunk board with 2x6x12 treated lumber , hardware and new carpet,put new 5/16 galvinized cable on the winch,and fixed some ice damage. The first $1750 cash will take it away price is firm ! call six one six 240-7017 ask for Jim or p.m. me
  16. Felch street just north of Holland has a couple of hotels one is a holiday inn express, thats only 20 minutes from port sheldon.You coming to town to fish?
  17. Took the shake dowm cruise yesterday afternoon with good freind Mike every thing ran great, put lines down in 50 fow and caught 2 laketrout both on rigger down 43 ft with a custom taped copper and red jpslammer trolled to saugy then put it on a nw troll went to 100 and picked up another laker on a 150 45 lb bloodrun copper with a laker taker jpslammer spoon. Was setting the same 150 copper and had a rip but it came unbuttoned , went to 150 with nothing the water temp was 40 up top and 39 down seems to be lots of lakers but not many silver fish yet. Felt good to be on the water again:thumb:
  18. I replace all my flie hooks I use VMC cone point hooks ,thats also the hooks we put on our jp slammer spoons. jimmy
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