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  1. Fished out of Holland last night ,south off the sliders in 80 to 90 fow. went 8 for 10. we had 7 nice kings with the largest being 18 lbs and 1 lake trout ( released un harmed) Dipsie divers on wire set 110 back and high divers set at 210 back with tuxedo spindoctor and purpleflie, green flie,and mirage flies went. we also had 4 hits on spoons 45 and 50 down on riggers,killer green glow and beef eater JP Slammers what a beutiful night on the water thanks to Dennis on the Goofin off for the ride last night. tight lines and screemin reels...makes for a great day!
  2. fished off holland last night and was 4 for 7 all in the last hour again, all kings 80 to 90 fow 55 to 70 down. 4 hits came on dodger and flies blue bubble set up, and green and white echip with green flie,riggers were killer green glow,glow fire dog ,and beef eater JP Slammer spoons down 55 and 60.
  3. we went out of holland laast night in 80 fow.we where 5 for 10 all the action happened between 9:00 and 10:00 2 on spinies and flies 125 and 150 back set on 2 on fire line dipseys the rest were on JP Slammers in the top 50 jj special,blue dolphin,glow fire dog,beef eater,killer green glow,and boogie man.dodgers were green and white with green flie and blue and white with greenand blue flie. a lot of 4 year colds with one over 15 lbs we lost 3 that were good fish as well screeming line and then pulling the hook.we marked a lot of fish in 95 fow but could not get them to play.
  4. Sorry this is kind of a late report but we were 7 for 10 in 80 fow out of holland. we fished the bottom with 300 foot of copper doing best with 5 hits.with a Proto type JP Slammer called rootbeer, other spoons that went on rigger was beef eater,glow fire dog and jj special jp slammers .We also got two fish on a carmal dolphin fish catcher and green glow fly ( custom tied) 3 fish were salmon and 7 were laketrout ,we turned 1 lake trout backand lost 3.We came in 2nd place in the holland fish and game club tourney. The winning boat was wild at heart with 9 fish (mostly salmon)and i think he fished deeper 160 fow down by saugatuck.
  5. went out of pport sheldon last night on the fish-a-holic .we went 5 for 7 1 steelie 4 kings in the 5 to 10 lb class.We started in 45 fow trolled out to 180 and turned east and got fish in 170 to 130 fow from 12 down to 90 down. JJ special,blue dolphin jp slammers,stinger pox,ruby red all took fish. All the action happened in the last 45 minutes what a great night on the lake it was flat calm most of the eve. Thanks to Jeff for the call this is the first time ive fished in Oct. and i think next year i may just leave my boat unwinterized for a little longer.
  6. I went to fish point for the duck and goose opener last weekend ,We got 10 geese and 13 ducks off the same feild in two days.We also hunted the refuge on a 32 out of 34 draw for the youth hunt. We stayed in the heat all day and had a good hour and a half of good duck hunting we got 8 ducks with our young man of 11 yrs getting two malard drakes.It was very hot and buggy all weekend I wish I was still there becouse the weather is going to change and it's going to be awsome!There is a lot of ducks malards,teal,pintail and woodies.Also a very good number of geese ,most of what we got where big honkers.
  7. Hey any of you other waterfowlers get out for the early goose opener? I chose to hunt instead of fish that mournig and called 5 geese in shot 2 then comback called the 3 back and shot a third.I had wing shot the second bird and by the time i got to look for it he had run into some very nasty thick crap and I looked hi and low for him but didnt find it.The other birds both had leg bands! so I looked some more for the cripple but could not find him:(
  8. I went out Sat. on the 5 d's couse my boat wasnt running.We took a young man and his father out that had won the trip in a raffle at american tackles kid fishing camp this summer. we went 3 for 6 in 100 to 110 fow.We found 52 deg. water down 90 foot and that was the first cold water we had found from 45 fow out.However we got the fish all around 65 down, blue bubble setup,white and green spinny with oceana flie , and a custom half and half JP Slammer spoon all took fish.We quit around 9:30 becouse the father got sea sick and was chuming:( all in all they seemed to have a good time I think its great that Harold is doing the fishing camp for the kids as they are the future of our sport.
  9. went 4 for 9 last night in 60 fow . white w green e chip flasher w /wild fern flie on copper took one,coyote ugly ,and killer pickle jp slammer on riggers25 and 35 down took fish and green glow j plug 45 down on rigger took a fish.At dark glow blooby nose moonshine and killer green glow jp slammer also got hits.the water temps are not that cold from 35 to 60 fow the temp was about 56 deg down by bottom but the fish are there .good luck to all who will be in the gold coast tourney this weekend i will be out of town and cant fish:( and thanks to all who entered for the jp slammer big fish pot good luck guys! Jimmy VB
  10. I like my Jp slammers and also moonshine spoons,but have used a lot of dream weavers before we had our own stuff.we hope to have better glow patterns for the 08 season.
  11. HI guys, I didnt fish Sat. mourn. I had family commitements .I did go for a couple of hours Sun. eve in the rain but didnt do well ,we where only 1 for 2 in 90 fow. The fish seem to be very scattered and there is a strange current out there .The water in 90 foot had 44 deg. at 50 down and the water in 35 had 58 deg at the bottom. So we fished out. after fishing we talked to a guy who was 3 for 4 in 60 fow. Say hi on the lake some time if im on fish i will always share info. Jimmy vb aka jimbobber:)
  12. Way to go phil! I didnt fish today but was wishin i was fishin for sure.Tell becca i said Hi. Jimmy
  13. Hi every one, what an awsome site i already know some of you but to the rest id like to say nice to meet ya. my self and a partner are the makers of JP SLAMMERS and are based out of Holland Mi. Its nice to get some great fishing reports from guys just like us who are passionate about salmon fishing......Jimmy VB
  14. try italian dressing on goose breast chunks wrapped in bacon then grilled yummy!!!!!!!!!
  15. I went to one of my spots yesterday at dusk and had 150 or so geese fly by headed to the night roost! Im lickin my chops !Cant wait to wack some honkers!The only thing better than a flock of geese setting up on my spread is a king rippen out my Drag!
  16. its a great tech. to run lead off boards. you do need to use a large inline board. you do need to let all of the lead out and put the boards onto the backer line. you can set up rods for 1/2 core ,full,and any variation in between,I run 3 colors and if the fish are deeper than 20 foot i add weight above my florocarbon leader.I also run full core and copper behind a board.This is a killer setup becouse it gets it away from the boat.
  17. we ran up to port sheldon,well just south of there and started around 6:15,the first hour and a half was nuts we had three doubles most came on dodgers and flies blue bubble set up,green on green e chip,green and white with oceana flie, and green on green spinny with wild fern fly . also got one on dalmation bloody nose moonshine,and killer pickle jp slammer.after the sun came up our riggers started to go with carmel dolphin , blue dolphin,and nbk all taking fish 35 to 50 down. the water was very cold 50 down was 41 deg. all this was on a north troll. we ended up with 5 kings , 2 lakers,and 2 steelies.and if anyone catches a 15 lb or so steelie with a mi. sunset jp slammer in his mouth i'd like it back! :rolleyes:he broke us off on a 3 color lead set up on a board. All in all an awsome mourning we quit at 10:00 becouse of comitements at noon but by then the fish had tapered off .
  18. cut salmon with skin into serving sizes. liberaly add these spices to flesh side. salt pepper garlic powder lawrys season salt cayean pepper(go lite with this) dried dill weed grill fish 7 to 10 min. on first side.( skin side) flip it over and cook until done about 5 to 7 min. serve with lemon wedges yummy!!
  19. we went 6-14 last night just north of holland 125 to150 fow. the water was 49 deg 75 down in 150.green and white e chip with oceana fly,blue bubble set up were the best fly setups on 240 ft. of copper and on dipsy 175-200 back. NBK,and carmel dolphin jp slammers,glow wonder bread stinger all took fish on riggers 70 down.An east west troll seemed to be the best for us. most of the action happend after the sun went down behind the horizon.We had two doubles and an almost triple! Wow that was busy with just two of us on board.we had 5 kings 1 was 15lbs the rest were smaller and one nice coho about 10 lbs.all in all a great night!
  20. awsome catch phil what was your best colors! jimmy
  21. Yup shes 17'6" with a 302 stringer electric shift it will go about 45 at top speed .
  22. This is my boat, shes not big but she gets the job done.I have rigged her with 2 cannon uni troll riggers 2 angler pal holders ,several pursuit holders ,2 custom break away holders for the dipsys and just recently 2 custom folding 3 on a tree holders for the boards .I use a fish hawk and would be blind without it on most days,If could i would update the gragh maybe next year! tight lines and screamin reels!!!!!! Jimmy VB
  23. We fished the steelheaders tourney sat. we had our 12 fish by 8:00 am and picked up 5 more while trying to pull lines! We ended up 17 for 24 on the mourning. we were out of Port sheldon in 85 to90 fow we cuoldnt get more than 7 rods in the water. Blue dolphin,carmel dolphin, killer green glow ,micheal jackson,orange crush jp slammers, agent orange moonshine, and green dodgers with green flies and oceana rapyure flies all took fish.in the top 50 fow. what a mourning!We were 11 out of 25 boats 15 boats had their 12 fish,fish-a-holic won with 137 lbs.
  24. went out at 9:00 pm last night and fished until 11:30pm got 3 in 45 fow 38 down in the first half hour,2 on blue dolphin jp slammer and one on carmel dolphin jp slammer.Then went until 10:30 and got one more on agent orange moonshine spoon.Theres a lot of bait south of holland in tight the water was 41 38 down.
  25. we went 3 for 4 last night straight out of Holland in 75 to 80 fow fishing the bottom 10 feet. 2 came on carmal dolphin jp slammer,1 on dipsy with blue bubble set up,and 1 on blue flounder pounder moonshine.The water is very warm but they are there .We went out to 138 fow and found 50 deg. water but couldnt get them to bite there. good luck and tight lines and screamin reels!
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