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  1. It took a couple of years but I learned there are fishing reports and information constantly being shared by fisherman everyday but not on social media sites. There are numerous and legitimate reasons. Joining your local fishing club would be a good way to start. Good fishing in 2022.
  2. If you have ever had to come in during a small craft advisory that came out of nowhere with your kicker motor on any Great Lake you will remember it Forever. Be safe and Respect the Lake.
  3. great report...bigger kings moving North (Holland).
  4. Currently according to the Governors Announcement on The Stay at Home initiative you can only fish in a BOAT with those individuals that live in the same house. DNR is already enforcing this rule at the Ramps in SW Michigan.
  5. Your best bet would be to find someone in your area to take you on a trip because you will learn a lot more techniques that you can apply or attend a salmon seminar in the winter....you may save money as well and decide you want to run copper with planers. Copper out fishing leadcore 6-1 so far this year....good luck
  6. thank you....have the kings moved in yet up your way
  7. Fennville Area...Seems to me you could hunt the outer zones of 8,9 and 10 except a few instances...Does anybody know or who I could contact...thanks
  8. Recently moved Just outside of Bangor Michigan and looking for private or public land to rabbit hunt. Any help would be appreciated and so would my Beagle.
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