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  1. i would most definatetly have this inspected.You know for sure all the problems are in the side with the damaged prop.This a nice looking rig are you using it just for pleasure boating?
  2. Probably bowhunting, just messin with ya Rich Again good luck in the upcoming archery season
  3. Then I decided to go east and go deep to see what was there. Great story Cazz but i had to catch the go east and deep part so i was confused LOL Glad you guys had a great weekend Hope your hunting season goes as well guys
  4. i agree i still have visions of all that money going in the drink:( :(
  5. stands or blinds you still gotta be there:D :D :D
  6. Fished Saturday morning out of Whitehall had a good morning went 6-10 all fish taken between 6.30 and 7.45 am fished till just after 9.00 never had a hit after 8.15 am .All of our fish were between 85-120fow most hit bloody nose spoons on riggers and a white glow fish catcher with a bloody nose fly on the dipsey from 135-144 back on#2 setting.Buddies of mine fished yesterday from 60-100fow and had 4 hits no fish.My brother fished the same water Saturday and only boated one fish with 5 hits. Hopefully the fish aren't scattering all over this time of year:D :D :D
  7. took 6 friday morning same fow they moved away from the pier heads for my brother got then in 25 fow tues,weds
  8. where do you find out the info on it?
  9. There was one at snug harbor yesterday around 27lbs and it looked like it been through charcoal it was that dark:D :D
  10. we just found that out the hard way my brother had a complete plano box blow out of the boat going down the road just stocked with all new lures also.Maybe with a name and number on it we could have gotten it back.Live and learn.There are still good people out ther like as dirtydog found out
  11. moonshine flounder pounder and my buddies boat did well on the trusty old blue dolphin magnum spoon
  12. Jim and i limited this morning out of muskegon.Had our first 5header got 3 in the boat all the fish were over 12lbs up to around 18-20 great morning
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