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  1. I was so long ago when I signed up, the email account I had then is no longer in existence.

    I was not able to sign in.  I want to sign in still as Nailer, and keep everything as it was.  

    Can you change my Nailer acount to use my Gmail account?  It's [email protected]

    I likely used Password, or Password1 as my password?


    1. BlueEye


      All set Ken!  I merged the old account with the new one.  Let me know if you need any other help.

      Thanks again -


  2. Those Hobies sure are nice. Thanks for sharing.
  3. You may have to switch teams to Little Brother. ;-) Nice job on the fish.
  4. It sounds like you may not have many options. The other sites have already don the upgrade. Best of luck.
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