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  1. Well first of all you must be fishing where they are. Wheatley, ON is where we fish out of this time of year. Had our first trip last week and limited out. speed upper 2's to low 3's, last week for us it was 2.6-2.8. Standard size Stingers are good. Copper back spoons will often be best, although last week was a spread. Tangerine with a copper back is one of my favorites over there, also Rays Raz Dolphin with a copper back is a very good one to have. Silver back Watermelon has taken it's share as well. Lots of oranges and greens, but you definitely need to be running the standard size. Riggers aren't the best presentation usually. Dipsies work great and I just started running lead over there and 2 color took a few hits last week. Drop me a pm if you want more, I am more then glad to help.
  2. Nice job. Seems like the fish are starting to show up further north.
  3. What a spectacular day on the water. Finished the day 16/16 with 1 shaker put back, taking home our 3 limits. Also had 4 other rips the fish were gone before we got the rod out of the holder. Biggest was 9 lbs with a couple of 8 lbers. Dipsy 1.5 back 35 and Dipsy 3 back 45. Also 2 color lead took a few. Riggers were dead, only 1 hit all day. Tangerine copper back, double orange crush silver back, Rays Raz Dolphin copper back and Watermelon silver back were hot, all standard stingers. 6-7 miles SSE of harbor. 51-53 fow.
  4. Great day! Fished west/northwest of the pierheads. Started around 6 and finished at 930. Started in 85 fow and went to 95 fow. Had 6 fish in the boat in half an hour. Then that bite died and the water temps at the probe really jumped. Kept trolling NW then and dropped the riggers each 10 feet and starting hitting fish at 100 fow all the way to 125 fow. Mixed Veggies Stingray down 40 early then 50 late. White Pro Troll with LBB Atomik down 35 early then 44 late. Once again those 2 were hot!! Also taking hits were braid dipsy back 91 with mountain spinny and pickled sunshine fly. A few other baits mixed in but nothing consistent like the rigger bites. Speed was 1.8-2.0 at the ball and best temp was 52-53 degrees. Finished 16/17 with another knock off and a shaker. Took home our limits of 9 kings, 4 coho and 2 steelies. Biggest was 14 lbs,12 lbs and 9 lbs. Also the 1 fish we lost in a fight was pretty decent size. Bigger fish in deeper water.
  5. Nice job. I am going to head further south this weekend until the bite picks up further north. Everything is running behind this year. It is the same thing over here on Erie.
  6. Hey nice job guys, good to see. I keep waiting for the weather the straighten out for a prolonged period to make the 3 hr drive over.
  7. Destroyed the fish today. Starting off in a bay in the channels with minimal succes. Pulled 17 fish over there in aobut 5 hrs. Ran over to the mile roads off of the 900 club. Started drifting in 8 fow and killed the fish. We ended with 101 just 4 1/2 hours later. Those fish in the bay were caught on a variety of lures but off the mile roads we drug mud puppy gold tubes. Too many hits to count. 6 species of fish. Smallmouth, largemouth, rock bass, a few pike, 1 sheephead and 1 sunfish. What a day!!
  8. Um, can I get school with over already. Nice job guys
  9. Nice job dirtydog, great to hear of some fish being caught.
  10. I just got 2 leadcore setups this year and bought the Church boards and they work great. They problem with the mast line and having so many rods out is that the mast line can become a problem with the rods when turning, atleast from my experience. Easier turns with inlines also.
  11. I was thinking, maybe the one with all the spots and bigger eggs means its that fishes year to river run. I dont actually know, just a theory.
  12. Sounds like a great morning. WTG, wish I was there instead of at work right now.
  13. Nice! You see in that picture both riggers are actually working! Maybe Lake Erie will spit that cannonball back up.
  14. It was 13 lbs 7 oz, also a 9 and 10 lber. Not bad, that was my buddies biggest. The trip before this with my dad and some friends we had a 15 and a 14 1/2 lber. It's good to see that kind of stuff b/c it makes me feel like I am actually figuring it out! Also, this being my first year really fishing for kings, I must say they are really getting darker fast. Just from earlier this week to Sat they seem darker.
  15. Nice job, those seas look a little rough for me. Glad you could get out and get your dad some, thats always a great thing to do.
  16. Great day again! Starting fishing at 9 off at 1, was a little bumpy to start then calmed then got rough and rained. Most of our fish came in the rain though. 12-16 or 17 with 3 or 4 more knock offs, 5 walleye (or pickeral, eh), 2 sheep and 2 whites. 58 fow SE of harbor. Nothing huge, speed was I dunno b/c of the waves, SE troll was best for us. Anything copper back with a bright front, Monkey puke, Rays Razberry Dolphin and Tangerine were hot. Could have caught more I'm sure but we only had to full limits and a conservation to get, plus it was 3-5's by the time we were going in. Bait fish was unreal the whole time we were there, bait from 40 feet on up to almost the surface. Fun time, my best bud and I took my dads best friend and his son. Us 4 had a blast. The 10 year old did solid reeling in a few steel and walleye. Braid dipsies 90 and 110 back on 3 set size 1, 55 and 65 back on mag dipsies on 1 setting. Riggers were could, not to mention my one cannonball is now at the bottom of the lake. Don't know what happened.
  17. Fished from 545-1200. 5-7 with 4 kings and a steelie. 4 for 5 in the first 45 mins the all the other boats moved in. Blue in spinnie double crush and blue glow fly took 2 hits and everything else was scattered. Good start, slow finish. Darn pack, great to be out though.
  18. Nice job Terry! Still don't know if I'll be there yet, but maybe this will do some convincing.
  19. Good luck Terry, keep um going for this weekend in hopes I'll be there.
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