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  1. After our awesome Wheatley steelhead trip came over to Michigan for a awesome time after kings. Wouldn't call it awesome fishing but caught some big fish and had lots of fun. Tuesday evening fished from 6:15-10:30. Finished 7/10 all kings, and without the technical difficulties of a bow light short circuit, most definitely would have been better. Setup up in 70 fow just south of the pierheads. First fish came only 30 secs after the first rod in the water, a 15 lb king on a Caramel Dolphin stinger. After that we went dry. Trolled south and west to 130 fow and got um going about 8:30. Blue bubble spinny and blue bubble fly took 2 hits. Full core NBK took 2 hits. 8 Color Double Orange Crush, this fish was over 20 lbs easily (I say this b/c you should have seen the tail flip he gave us) but the guy reeling let just enough slack line and the fish was gone after 15 mins or so with 5 colors still out. Green holo crush spinny and pickled sunshine took 1 hit. Blue Dolphin on rigger 45 down. Can't remember what else. Very productive night. Our first double on Lake Michigan too! Wednesday morning didn't go as good a we hoped with the excellent reports as of late, but it definitely could have been worse. Finished 6/9 2 kings, 2 coho, 2 steel, went back to our same area. Took a couple of fish after about an hour, trolled in towards 80 fow b/c heard it was hot. Picked up a coho on the way in and a steelie on the way out, 80 fow was no good for us. Back out to 130, trolled through our spot going NE and hit one on 8 color, my dad took that, then a dipsy fired and I took that because I didn't want it to tangle in the core. As I was reeling in this 9 lber, a half core went off, our first triple! Boat 2/3 my king and my dads steelie. I grabbed the other core b/c our guests didnt want to try again. Very big fish, I think could have been another steelie as it broke water way back but my stupid knot gave and that was that, the first time that has happened to me. Oh well, fair day, no color was best, fishing was hit and miss, especially after we hit the triple we thought here we go, no such luck. Finshed around noon.
  2. Priorty1, the only bad thing about our yankee dollars next year is they must include a passport. We might try to get up there Sunday again, one of my dad's buddies wants to go.
  3. Sorry the only pics are when the fish are on the table, none with us holding them. I had to fillet them yesterday morning and everyone else was gone. The biggest was 29 1/2 and went 8 lb 5 oz, also a 27 and went somewhere in the 7 lbs. 1st fish of the day was a giant!! Got him to the side of the boat and he took a run and then we lost him, lost another probably upper 20's 20 feet from the boat when he jumped and the spoon let loose, and another upper 20's hit a rigger and shot straight in the air probably 30 feet behind the boat. Needless to say the slack line there cost us. There were many 5 lbers though, total fillet weight was over 25 lbs.
  4. Hey Dirty Dog, you gonna be out at all this week? If the weather holds me, my dad (football coach), one of his assistant coaches and his son will be over Tuesday and Wednesday. The two-a-days start Thursday so fishing for them is over. Let me know if you'll be out at all, I hope the current forecast holds.
  5. Well we went out against the forecast and boy was it worth it. We didn't hit the water until 12:30 as we waited for the rain to be clear here at home, and time we made it through border patrol to get there it was almost noon already. Things started out slow as we went to the 58/18 line, nothing except a couple of walleye. We worked north towards the 59/19 line and after about 3:00 we nailed them. Ended up 19/22 on steel and 13/13 on eyes. Released a shaker steel and another fell through the bottom of the net, never knew the hole was there. It was okay though, we got our 17 we could have with 3 full licenses and a conservation. 2 baits did most damage, cat-dog with copper back and silver hammered watermelmon, both standard size stingers. 1 dipsy on 3 setting 120 back on a braided rod. Also 40 back 40 down off riggers. An agent orange moonshine magnum also took a couple hits of that same rigger setup. Speed was 2.9-3.2. Right into the waves and with the waves didn't matter.
  6. So lately the fishing has been extremely good. What does a day like today do to the fishing? These strong winds have created some big waves. Will the fishing still be good tomorrow?
  7. Hey dirty dog, I just found out that I we're not gonna make it up this weekend, time constraints. I think we are gonna try an Erie Steelie/Wally trip, or maybe some perch it just depends. Here's a pic from Sat, 14 lber.
  8. Dang it all, we left too early! That's okay b/c we had 3 hours home and had been up since 1 am to get there. Hopefully I'll be there, I know my dad won't be b/c he is taking my younger bros to some track thing. I'll shout at ya if I am there, pray for good weather.
  9. Yep that was my pops fbcoach, his boat. I am actually still in college, so is my buddy that was with us, but totally addicted to fishing. Good talking to ya out there, I always read your posts on here. Hoping to make it over that way this weekend, maybe a Sat nite/Sun morning trip.
  10. Went out and went 6/6, 4 nice kings, 1 18 inch we kept b/c he inhaled the hook and 1 shaker. 45-60 FOW. We are from 3 hours away so we stayed all day. Early was good and so was evening, but is the middle of the day always that dry? Yesterday was only the 4th time I have ever been to Lake Michigan, and it was like the fish disappeared after 9am. No hot colors, 4 hits on riggers 2 on dipsies.
  11. Never been out of this harbor before. Could someone please offer up some information.
  12. Me and 2 other guys worked N of Kelleys on Sat and got our 3 man limit with a couple of extra. We probably could have got our limits sooner but the waves kind of made it difficult in my friends 17 foot Mr Pike. Running back into the waves was difficult to go setup again. Most fish were 19-22 inches and very thick, much thicker than those being caught over west of the islands. We were in the 50 fow swath running 20 jets 80-120 back, more consistently 100-110. Most fish came on copper melon and copper hammered confusion, a few on a variety of purple lures and 2 on worm harnesses. Probably about 10 other junkers too. Speed was in the mid 2's. We also had 5 or 6 other pullbacks. I tell you what, sometimes running the big boards the fish don't pull the line of the clips, but almost all these fish RIPPED THEM OFF. Some off the best fighting walleye I have ever caught this time of year. I heard some guy on the radio say he had 4 over 30 inches too, but I kind of find that hard to believe. Get out there and get um, I sure will try working around my school schedule.
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