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  1. Great post Caznik. I was wondering about the single hooks. All the flies I've ever bought had treble hooks on them, but my hook up ratio isn't the greatest. Maybe the single hooks will improve my hook-up ratio. Please respond if this is the case. Has it improved your hook-up ratio? Thanks, Lef T
  2. Same boat Caznik. Even the same color but with a different trailer. I have only 2 downriggers on it with 2 rod holders on each side and one down the chute. Thinking about getting a mast system for it to run big boards, but not sure I want to do that. Tournaments sound interesting so I will have to think seriously about them when the time comes.
  3. Pretty sure I met you at the show Mike. I tried to use your name as a referral but it would 't let me. I have not been out fishing yet but plan on getting out maybe on Easter weekend. Still have to get the boat out of storage. Sorry but I don't have any pics of the boat to post but as soon as I get it set up this Spring I'll have to post a picture. Second that about those Lund boats. I bought it new in 2003 and have not been sorry. Have a 115 Yamaha four stroke on it and that does a nice job as well. Very economical on gas which is always a plus.
  4. Just found out about this site at the Grand Rapids Sport and RV Show last Thursday. Fish out of a 1700 Lund Fisherman mostly out of Port Sheldon. Looking forward to the 2007 salmon season.
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