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  1. No just the same ole' bugger that I've been running for the past 5 years. thanks though.
  2. When reffering to paddles for me it would all be the 11". As for the surface speed I am sorry to say that I fish my Hawk religiously and actually never and I me never look at my surface speed --Sorry.
  3. Set in 110 fow and trolled on a 210 deg to 175 and back on 40 deg were to 2 trolls that produced fish with 40deg being the best. Speed on the hawk 2.4 to 2.6 and no faster. Paddles and oceanna or fern flies on riggers from 75 to 120 down. Wire divers with yellow wiggle protrolls with Rapture no-see ums mag dives on 2 back 190. 10,13, and 300 cu on one side Other had 200,250, and 300 silver Morgans cu- all rigged with spoons with yellow edges on them with the best on the 13 with a Stinger yellow wiggle, next best 250 cu with modified Stinger Stingray carmel dolphin. Others taking fish were Lemon ice, and the Dang from Stinger as well. Set in at 5:30 and Pulled at 9:15pm and ended up with 23 bites and 15 captures. 1 trout , 1 skemaney, 1 coconut, and the rest kings. Kings averaged 8-13 lbs and one that tipped the scale at 18 that come on the 13 color with the hot yellow wiggle. things are looking good for the fishery this year.
  4. got that counter going again hey???????????????
  5. Charter clients showed up at 645 so off to a late start....Fished 80fow -170fow with most action in 140 to 160. Big Paddle with hypnotist or fern were by far the best. Fished a fern down 125 a hypnotist down 140 and trashcan with double spin n glow in chartreuse color with orange dots down on the bottom. Spoons were fished on cores and coppers--- 5,7,10, and 13 colors of lead..150,200,250, and 300 coppers. Stinger coyote,glow dolphin, modified blue dolphin,modified green dolphin, modified glow dolphins all took rips on cores and coppers. Wire diver with mag diver and wht double slick glow with hypnotist back 260 on 1.5 also took fish. Ended up with 18 salmon and trout and had 23 fish on. Nothing big for salmon and biggest trout was about 10 lbs (good laker). Sunday fish were in the dirty water with the cold temps but no big kings in there at all. Most of the fish caught in there were twinks from the reports from other captains but they were plentiful...............GUN
  6. As for the FOG I would not rely on the GPS solely unless it has radar overlay!!!!!! It will tell you where u are but not the others out there. GPS with Radar is my vote then SNT....SAFETY FIRST
  7. This is a good reference chart but a lot of variables come into play with copper or core for that matter and #1 is speed,then currents,and multiple sub-currents as well as leader length and type of bait pulled (11" flasher/fly or 8"flasher/fly--do they rotate or not or are you fishing a clean spoon) With all of this being said it is good to run multiple coppers off from one side of the boat if you say fish are 40-80 ft down run a 150,200,250 and 300 copper and then let the fish tell you which one to start with on the opposite side of the boat. Sorry about not too much help but that is mostly how it is. As for copper as long as it is 45 pound and .036 diameter the sink rate will be the same. I run Morgan's Tackle Company copper and love the super copper.
  8. Gamma will no longer be making the Flourocarbon but a lot of boats are switching to the new viscious--Viscious is not new but is the old American made Stren compamy. Stren was moved overseas and the employees bought the company back and started the company "VISCIOUS"
  9. Do the reels have the new level wind guide on them for copper? I really don't need the lead and backer but am interested. [email protected]
  10. For those of you just looking into copper I would recommend the new super copper for u as well as veterans. I ran teh stuff last year and it is a lot easier to work with. It is the copper that is silver in color and I actually like the reflective characteristics that it has compared to the tarnished look. Morgan's tackle company sells it (no web site) but it is available at Fish On bait and tackle.
  11. They have proven that copper is most effecive with 30 ft leaders but not shorter than I believe 15 ft. Core is a different story. Longer is better- 50-75 ft.
  12. Definately go with a wire for the other diver but as for copper it is a must to have especially when targeting the deeper water columns. Depending on what you have set up for lead core - go with copper to achieve greater depth salmon. One of my favorite coppers to run in the summer is the 300 and 450 coppers. Deep big kings. The 450 should get you to 100' plus for depth. If you research the copper a bit you will notice that it sinks quite a bit faster but it is NOT 2x the depth as leadcore for the same length segments.
  13. Guys been very busy and forgot that I had put this up for sale but yes it is a 4bbl and a quadrajet carb. My boat has twin merc 330hp 454's. That's what the carb is for but will fit many- I do no know if that is equivilant to like a 650 or 750--just not good with things like that
  14. yhanks guy and keep me informed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. This my wife's deer teamed up with my daughter for their first opener ever----2007 grossed in the 140-150 class. better than any of mine.
  16. No replies with all the opinions out there???????????????????
  17. I have a new carb for a Mercruiser 454 inboard. bought a spare and have no use for it as of right now and hopefully will not have to , asking 180 or best offer plus shipping. [email protected]
  18. Might as well open up a can of worms but am looking at a new trail camera and wondered about input from experience and price as well as battery life to determine some of the best for all around. Looked at a bunch of reviews and like the Bushnell Trophy or the SC SG5500 for the reviews and the price right now,reconyx is good but very very pricey!!!!! Lookin for any input! THANKS
  19. GUN

    UP Wolves

    Forgot to add that we do need to harvest does to get the buck to doe ratio right to reduce the stess on our Bucks for maximum horn growth!!!!
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