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  1. Wow long time no see mike,them boys are getting Big!
  2. Does anyone know where I can buy meat in the am in the muskegon area?
  3. OK I would like know what is up with the tool bar that is stuck in the middle of the page and I have been unable to figure a way to move it? Anybody have any ideas or thoughts??
  4. Judging by the responses I think I'll be looking for some Berkley big game 20# clear mono,thanks everyone.
  5. I want to respool my rigger rods this year,so I was wondering what brand and size of mono everybody is using this year? So many choices.
  6. I have four on my boat,sometimes I only use 3 and the fourth gets used for my probe.but I agree that a rigger rod is by far the most fun to catch a big fish on. But the number of down riggers I use at one time almost always depends on how many people are on the boat,and size of the boat is going to dictate how many people can fish from it. Just my opinion if any of it makes sense to you.good luck
  7. We had a slow season as well,with some bright spots. I caught my first 30 pounder out of manistee,late in August.that was the same night my wife and I went out and caught seven fish and my 180 qt. Cooler was FULL with 5 fish #20 or more. I've met some new friends and had some good days on the lake. I'm not ready to winterize yet so we're gonna try to get out a time or two more yet........it's a long time until April.
  8. We went one for six,I took out my friend Brian,his father-in-law,his brother -in-law,and his foreign exchange student from Korea,we might have done better with a little more experience on the rods.we lost a monster at the channel mouth,broke us off when he seen the boat. It was pretty slow for us.
  9. turns out its gonna be a morning trip,maybe I can get by without it
  10. Thinking of heading out tonight, out of Holland. Does anyone know where I can buy some herring strips on my way in there? Im coming from the grandrapids area.
  11. blue smolt grean smolt agent orange flounder pounder cyclonite do-de-k mongolian beef dancing anchovie these are just some of the one's i have had success with,i think there are many more that work just as well.but there is already about $60.00 in that list
  12. Went south to about a mile north of the point,and set up in 120 fow,went 7 for 7,one nice 7 pound steelhead and 6 kings.the largest was 30 pounds and the smallest was 18. The first 2 fish came on lemon ice spoon down 90 0n a trigger,2 came on a moonshine blue smolt 60 down,write paddle and green fly took one,full core with a Michael Jackson took one(steelhead,thank God),I don't remember what the last fish came on.A real nice nite on the lake,a big thanks to my wife Renee for going out with me.
  13. Sounds like 7 color is the way to go,I had pretty much come up with the same thing but I was wondering what other thought.
  14. Ok end of last season i lost my 7 color leadcore,(broke off at the backing).So now im getting ready to respool that rod and i don't know if i want to go with 7 colors again or go to 10 or some other lenghth.I do have a full core rod already but it does catch fish. anybody have any thoughts on this or opinions?
  15. 3 times the length of the paddle(or any spinner) is the general rule that I use
  16. I have a similar problem with my lowrance,I was told that the antenna has to be above any aluminum railing;bow rail,windshield framing,etc.He gave me the numbers on how much signal is lost being below the "rail" but I forgot them.it was significant.I am looking at building some sort of removable short mast that I can attach my external antenna to,and hopefully that will work.
  17. I didn't know if ya had your boat out yet or not,I've moved up to manistee for the summer.I haven't been out fishing yet this year.but I did take it out for a little ride last week.you and Ron should come up and fish with me some.good luck in Saginaw,tell Frank I said hello,hahaa

  18. For your boat trailer I can think of no disadvantages,but keep in mind if you put them on any other trailer,that the led lights do not produce enough heat to melt snow off of them.so you will have to keep your lights cleared off.
  19. Ive launched out of snug harbor this year,and its no trickier than the launch on white lake,I'm not saying it isnt shallow but if ya take your time its very doable.and the fish cleaning station is still there
  20. Here’s the story. We launched at Port Sheldon I was nervous being my first time launching my new to me boat there, and the previous owner had told me that people will give you a hard time if you aren’t super-fast and efficient launching. However the launch went very smoothly. We were on the water with all six lines running at about 5:30 ish. We started on a northwest troll in about 50 feet of water and worked out to 115. Then long sweeping turn and straight south troll in 75 feet all the way back. We basically ran 30-40 foot deep gear until deeper water and then switched to 50-70 foot deep gear. 4 Downriggers with blue dolphin, mixed veggies, wonderbread, and a purple/black, [quote name='Archery720']Oh sure I buy a boat and hear about all this wonderful fishing all summer long, I go out for the first time and notta. I suppose technically we went 0/1. Maybe it’s just me being ultra-green newbie who has no clue what he is doing. I even did my best to learn your lingo, I studied up on methods and techniques. Two months ago I had no idea why you wanted dirty ice on a boat, or that moonshine wonderbread was a lure. 1 dipsey and 1 clear/blue flasher with blue fly on full lead core set 130 feet back. The green-yellow dispey was 180 feet back with moonshine flounder pounder. We did get one strike but the steelhead used his cute little fins and untied the knot on the spoon & swivel. He did provide us some nice jumps before he decided he had enough. So if you see a fish out there with a flounder pounder dangling like a lip piercing, give him my best. To top it off someone hit my trailer in the parking lot and crinkled my fender all up. So is it our gear selection? Our depth of gear? Our depth of water? I heard some radio chatter about success at 170-200 feet of water but we didn’t have that kind of time to make it out there. Or is that just why they call it fishing and not catching? Even with no fish hooked, I am…I will be back out to try it again real soon, because that is just too much fun. I can’t wait for a day when the reels are going crazy.
  21. You want to tie the bags forward on the boat so that the bags will run somewhere in the "midship" part of the boat
  22. I just call my buddy Mike he always knows where the fishes are!!
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