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  1. Sounds like someone's jealous. The report may not be overly detailed, but its information to put in the file either way. Better than no post... B
  2. Sounds like a pretty dangerous situation. Why the heck would the Indians leave all that money in the water? B
  3. The boat would be used mainly for trolling and weekend jaunts on the big lake to anchor and swim with the family. It doesn't need to be fast... Either way, the seller has stopped communicating with me, so I'm letting it pass. There is also some storage issues which need to be addressed. Thanks for all the input. The search continues... B
  4. Good, I had about the same thoughts on the HP too. Although I like the idea of a back up motor. 40HP beats no HP in a pinch. Waiting on interior photos before I move any more on it anyway. Thanks for the input. B
  5. I might be going to look at a 19' Islander in the next few days. Its powered with twin 40HP evinrudes. This is a bit of a non-traditional config, but I think there could be some upsides. The possible downside is that 80HP might be underpowered for a 19' Islander. Would it be worth getting a survey on an aluminum boat before purchase? Any thoughts, feedback on the above would be helpful. Thanks in advance! Brian
  6. Fished Holland North tonight. I think one guy might of had a fish in a cooler, but there were no kings landed that I saw from 6:00 to 8:30PM. B
  7. The body boat shop in Filmore township South of Holland is an option. I've no experience with him. I think my old boss like to use him. Body Boat Shop L.L.C.(616) 886-1209 B
  8. Its always an entertaining trip in the channel... Boats stopping, backing up, going in circles to fight fish. One boat shouting to another that he has a fish on because he is paying no attention, and the best of all... Some dude was trying to use a gaff! That's what happens when you watch too much wicked tuna LOL. B
  9. Good report, been wondering about the GC tourney results. B
  10. Yup, bottom paint, or evidence of bottom paint gets a pass. From what i've been able to discern. its almost impossible to keep a slipped boat "dry" over the years.
  11. What are some good indicators that a boat would have potential for problems, other than blatently obvious signs like blistering or soft spots? I have my glass boat choices down to Tiara, Slickcraft(pre AMF), and four winns. Aluminum choices are still pretty open, I like the multipurpose abilities of an aluminum boat, but in all reality, this boat will see 90+% Lake MI.
  12. As I had mentioned previously, the time has come to acquire a boat in the next couple years. One item I want to address up front before the search is too far under way is what is the best way to prevent buying a boat with rotten stringers, and transoms? I read alot about this. It would seem as most glass boats over 10 years old have some degree of rot in them? My price range will put me into a 20-30 year old boat, aluminum or glass, which greatly increases the risk of rotten wood. Is this kind of repair something to simply factor into the purchase price? Can a surveyor really uncover these potential issues? Heck i've heard of 10 year old boats never slipped and garage kept which get rot. Thanks a bunch for any help. Brian
  13. Fun how one question can lead to more...I'll try to keep them on this thread instead of starting a bunch of new ones. The purchase is probably 2-3 years away. What is the best way to tell if the transom is rotten? What are the implications of having a kicker and a main on the transom? Is there an issue of weight? Thanks again for the help. Brian
  14. I'v been quite fortunate to grow up with access to a salmon/greatlakes boat from my parents or other family members and a some great friends. However, its becoming time to purchase one of my own. I'm pretty sure I have a good grasp of the costs involved with buying and outfitting a greatlakes boat, but am trying to get an idea of gas consumption, which seems to be the biggest cost. The boat will be 18 to 20 ft. Preferrably aluminum. Probably open bow for double duty with my family. Most likely powered by an outboard. My question is how much more gas do the older 2 stroke outboards use compared to the newer (past 10-15yr) 2 strokes, and the 4 strokes? Probably in the range of 115 to 150HP. Thanks, Brian
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