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  1. I fished perch all weekend and struggled very bad. The water temps were in the 40s and the fish were on the move. We trolled Friday morning and went 4 for 5 all hits were on UV Flasher fly combos off wire dipsy ,120 back and 90 back. One big steel and a nice 17 lb king the other two were Lakers 5 and 8 lbs. Was that other report being serous about perch being caught outta st. Joe????
  2. Fished yesterday and was 10 for 14 90 to 110. Coyote spoon 200 back on a braid dispy on 3 setting was best spoon, green spin glow on bottom took fish and green spotted sick meat rig 60 down were the best bait. Fished same water today and was 3 for 5 water temp changed 20 degrees. Good luck.
  3. My clock is off an hour lol figured o ut how to change it today tho
  4. South haven hard to stay on the fish this weekend yesterday most fish we around 100 to 140 picked up 12 fish and went 8 for 12 this morning set lines in 55 and had 3 large kings on the box before 6 am. The fish and and bait were there until the sun came up after 6 we trolled out to 120 and barley marked anything. All weekend besides this morning we really didn't mark many fish anywhere.
  5. We went 8 for 12 all the bait and big kings were from 55 to 65 ft before light the graph was loaded once sun came up the fish took off
  6. Fished south have over the past weekend. Overall did pretty well, Fri evening we went north of the channel and set up in 100ft and went 3 for 5 in about 3 hours all rigger hits 25 to 45 down green and blue pattern. “But marked a ton of fish and bait fish”. Saturday Morning went deep and fished the temp break around 200 ftw and had zer action the first two hours so I bumbed the speed up to 3.3 and everything changed by noon we were 9 for 13 with mostly steel in the box and one very large king around 18 lbs everything orange . Saturday evening we trolled south in the 100 ftw to 125 and began to mark fish again heavy but had no hits. I slowed the troll down to 2.5 and still no hits for about an hour then about 7:15 came around and we couldn’t do anything wrong it seemed. Our last hit was @ 10:45 pm. And we put 14 in the box and honestly can’t say how many fish we had on at least 24. All fish seemed to be around 25 to 35 down 5 and 7 color lead was on fire green frog was the best spoon but it didn’t seem to matter but my program was green and blue pattern with no magnum spoons a dipsy 135 back with a green pickle took a handful as well. WE fished the same water Sunday morning with all the same stuff and the fish seemed to have left. Ended up trolling around and got 4 fish straight out In 100 ftw 2 small coho 1 king and a steelhead. Overall had a great weekend, sorry for the late post, Tight lines everyone.
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