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  1. It truly understand. We sell our coated 12's to Charter boat owners/captains who fish in the pacific ocean in Alaska and off the California coast. Currents are the issue but our weights minimize most blowback. I talked to a charter boat owner last week, he has been fishing for salmon 240' deep. He switching from cannon 15# cannon balls to our coated 12's. Several guides use our 10's & 12's in Lake Tahoe & Shasta Lake, fishing 100'-200' at 3-4mph for lake trout. These are two very deep lakes. See 4 Fins on facebook or 916 798-4505. for more info.
  2. No one seemed to mentioned what style of weights to use on these beautiful downriggers. FYI, I have them available in sizes 6#, 8#, 10# 12# at excellent prices. All are coated with eco-friendly durable coating that will not peel. Hand made in Northern California. These are becoming the go to weights for professional guides, manufacturer pro-staff and serious anglers. Follow 4 Fins on facebook.
  3. Anyone know of fish style molds for sale?  I desperately need 2  of the 12# and 1 of the 14#.  Will pay just bout any asking price.   Thanks

  4. We have them in the fish shape and coated.
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