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  1. We are a manufacturer and typically sell to retail stores. We have several retail tackle stores in the western U.S., the largest being Sportsman's Warehouse with numerous locations. We can sell & ship directly to you but unfortunately we have no means to accept credit cards. Our 10lb. coated weights are $50.00 each plus tax & shipping. Shipping is $14.35 via USPS, there are no handling charges. Both weights will fit into the same USPS box. If you wish to buy directly from us, please forward a check in the amount of $121.60. Breakdown of cost is: 2 X $50.00 = $100.00, + 7.25 sales tax, + $14.35 shipping = $121.60. You can also contact Mr. Gary Durbin at KokaneeMart.com telephone (916) 296-7598, he is one of our on-line retailers & will accept a credit card. We anticipate trying to get a few retail tackle stores in the Great Lakes area this spring. The owner of a lure manufacturer (Trinity Tackle) in Northern CA is from the Great Lakes area and has suggested our weights would be a great option for downrigger weights in your area. I have questions for you. Please text me on my cell phone 916 798-4505, as this means of communicating can be cumbersome at best. Thanks, Bill
  2. What we offer is not the style commonly known as a "torpedo". Our weights are considered a "fish" design and do not wonder all over the place. They track straight with minimal or no blow back. Most angler use our weights when trolling for Kokanee, Salmon & trout. Blow back can occur using smaller weights (8lb or less) and if trolling 4 mph or more. Additionally, our weights will not go under your boat when turning like the pancake style. Hope this clarifies any misinformation. Thanks
  3. Suggest you contact 4 Fins DR weights, they make them in 6, 8, 10 & 12lb sizes., are completely coated with 2 layers of a durable product that will not peel. No lead in the water or on your skin. 4finsdownriggerweights.com
  4. If you are purchasing new downriggers why would you continue using dipsies and not invest in downrigger weights? Using downrigger weights such as the 4 Fins design will allow you the ability to know precisely what depth your presentation is with little or no blow back depending on your trolling speed. This design of DR weights also track extremely well and will not travel under your boat during turns when trolling. www.4finsdownriggerweights.com
  5. My error for not checking this site more often. Please accept my apologies. If anyone is still looking to purchase weights manufactured by 4 Fins Downrigger Weights we can be reached via telephone (916) 798-4505, text is OK. We are on face book. Our website is currently being updated. We ship via USPS, shipping cost is either $19.95 or $14.35 depending on size and quantity of weights No handling charge for packaging or travel to post office. CAslirod.url
  6. It truly understand. We sell our coated 12's to Charter boat owners/captains who fish in the pacific ocean in Alaska and off the California coast. Currents are the issue but our weights minimize most blowback. I talked to a charter boat owner last week, he has been fishing for salmon 240' deep. He switching from cannon 15# cannon balls to our coated 12's. Several guides use our 10's & 12's in Lake Tahoe & Shasta Lake, fishing 100'-200' at 3-4mph for lake trout. These are two very deep lakes. See 4 Fins on facebook or 916 798-4505. for more info.
  7. No one seemed to mentioned what style of weights to use on these beautiful downriggers. FYI, I have them available in sizes 6#, 8#, 10# 12# at excellent prices. All are coated with eco-friendly durable coating that will not peel. Hand made in Northern California. These are becoming the go to weights for professional guides, manufacturer pro-staff and serious anglers. Follow 4 Fins on facebook.
  8. Anyone know of fish style molds for sale?  I desperately need 2  of the 12# and 1 of the 14#.  Will pay just bout any asking price.   Thanks

  9. We have them in the fish shape and coated.
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