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  1. Trolled Summer Fest lagoon on 11-29-18 & managed 1 buck brown at the lagoon entrance that went 10lbs on a Flicker Shad crank bait. Had another hit in front of the stage but it came unbuttoned during the rod hand off. On the 30th we launched from McKinley & had a nice brown come unbuttoned along the jetty. Landed a small gator passing by end of the Vet’s docks. Both hits on a flicker shad Heard that the main gap & south gap were giving up a few lakers but due to an outboard engine fuel line issue we didn’t make the run to those areas. Pretty slow overall.
  2. Meijer 50-60 count cooked shrimp is what I've been using for steelhead.
  3. Below are my Jr. Flutter Devle go-to colors. From left to right: Flo O-425, SFloGrC-360, S-355, S-22, SBI-359, SGR-356. The 3rd & 4th spoons (black edged & orange crush edged) are self-created color combos. For slow trolling bend the spoon into a more pronounce "S" shape, for faster trolling flatten the spoon out.
  4. Did you make a few passes in the skinny water that day? I was on the north pier on the 12th & we were picking up steelhead in less than 6FOW, so I would imagine the troughs between the sandbars were holding fish.
  5. Watch the PBS documentary "Harvest of Fear". You will see the danger that these fish farms pose to the wild fish populations.
  6. Last night at Whitehall the lake side surface temp was 66 & the channel side was 68.
  7. Love boater courtesy, but in a small boat you need to be defensive as well. The pic below occurred on 07-06-05 out of Whitehall. I watched the cruiser approach me from the stern on an apparent collision course. I tried hailing on the VHF, I stood up & waved my arms, but in the end I had to hit the throttle & make a Crazy Ivan turn to avoid this idiot. The wake was fun to deal with. To avoid any possible issues with other trollers & the pier/surf folks, I've been bringing along a laser range finder to verify distances as "eyeballing" separation can be very deceiving.
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