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  1. I was in Ludington and I saw fishermen on the breakwall. I understand they may be catching brown trout. At Scottville , I noticed several boats launched on the pere marquette river after steelhead. A place that may be of fishing information in this area would be Captain Chuck's Sport Shop in Ludington.
  2. When fishing the pm river last spring it seemed like fewer steelhead but I did see some fair sized ones. When fishing the pentwater river last spring it seemed like a normal run at a later date than usual. The water was lower levels than the prior year. These were my observations.
  3. tamarac harbor? am I correct? is that at the washington street bridge? it's been a long time since i have moved to the U.P. and forgot a lot of places.
  4. nice to be part of great lake fisherman. grew up in pentwater, ludington, area. think i am missing out on the steelhead fishing right now though. not able to leave the u.p. yet.
  5. Hello from the U.P. I live here but visit the family farm in Ludington as often I can. I mostly fish in the rivers but have a couple boats if I want to do some trolling. I can stay in my camper parked near Ludington. RRB
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