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  1. is it capable of marking fish at speeds above trolling, if so how well does it work. thx
  2. Nice looking catch. Hoping to go this weekend for the first time
  3. Same as Chris , cut 1/4 inch slit around noodle about every inch then I take a permanent marker color in knife slit so its easy to find. Put tag end in wrap line then bury hook, no line exposed that way.
  4. I have never been on a boat with auto pilot, very intrigued about the way everybody talks about how they would never be without, once they have one. We always have enough guys on boat for a driver,and it seems like its to crowded most of time.What am I missing?
  5. Do you guys run a slider if you have a flasher and fly on the mainline? Seems like a tangle issue when it slides down.
  6. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Wish I lived that close with the price of gas the way it is. Tight lines to you.
  7. Going to order the under water lights from coastal.DO you have the single or the double? Are the strip lights much of a light producer? Thanks for any input
  8. I hope to be there give a shout on 68. lucky duck
  9. First trip of the year,arrived at port at 7 am and headed south to the 9s.We ended up going 6/6 fish, 2 on riggers 140 down with crimson and glow 12 flasher/3 fly undertaker meat rig.(salted pre cut bait looks terrible to me compared to cutting my own,but it caught fish and was very firm.purchased at the new tackle shop by Staffonos restaurant only place I no open 6:30). Other 4 came on mag. dipsey set on 3 ,350 to 400 back both wire and braid.Blue flasher and blue fly and green/glow flasher with green fly. Fished until noon. Sat night fished 2 hours then came in because I thought a storm was coming.( no fish and no storm).Sunday morning left port at 6 back in at 11,went 4/4 3 salmon one laker, same set up.
  10. The gators better watch out now. I hope you have another safe and enjoyable season.
  11. All the problems in this state and she is worried about us eating a hamburger today.
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