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  1. I run a low diver on a 7 ft Talora and a High on a 9 ft Talora.  Seems to work for me.  I've been on other boats where running 9 and 10 ft rods worked too.  Just need a little practice to avoid tangles when setting/resetting.

  2. 5 & 7 colors will work.  I use the same clips that come with the board.  I also tie in a 10 ft section of mono behind the leadcore to clip the board to.  Then I use 300 yds of braid behind that.

    Longer sections of leadcore work better with bigger boards.  I find the Church TX44 boards a little overkill, but I haven't tried any other options.

  3. The fish are with the food.  The upwellings haven't brought the alewives in. Instead it's pushed them offshore.  When the fish are staging and the lake flips, then it's usually game on.

    I haven't posted lately because I haven't been out.  And no numbers of silver fish to speak of.  Planning to start fishing more the next month.

    Weather has been too rough the days I have been free to go too 

  4. Went back out this morning.  3-5.  4 steelhead (2 were escape artists) and a big coho.  115-130 fow.  South troll.  2.0-2.2 gps.  Pulled lines at 10 am.

    Purple spoon on 150 copper took 2 hits.

    Purple spoon on free slider on rigger took 1 hit (ball at 60 ft.)

    Mag Blue Dolphin on 300 copper took 1 hit

    White/Blue Spin Doctor & Meat Rig on Rigger down 90 took 1 hit.

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  5. Tie a section of leader 3 to 6 ft long with snap swivels on both sides.  Clip your spoon to one end.  Then, after you set your rigger normally, pull the line towards you and clip on the other swivel to the mainline.  Throw the spoon so it's trailing and watch it sink down on the rigger rod line.

    Usually it will run about 2/3 of the depth your ball is at.  If the ball is 60 ft, the slider will be about 40 ft 

  6. Last year the fish were offshore and north.  Guys who could make it out 15+ miles were finding fish.  That's too far for me, even if the weather is perfect.  I'll be looking for kings last  2 weeks of July in the Holland area in 140-250.  If I can't find any, I'll move north.

    It might be a good idea to focus on steelhead right now, considering the surface temps are cooler still.  Orange spoons up high, and then run 1 to 2 lines deeper for kings.

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  7. Was going to stop in Pentwater but cruised right on past and launched at Ludington instead.  My fishing buddy was only running on one hour of sleep and wasn't as quick getting ready as normal so we got  a later start than I would have liked.  But we had lines in the water at 6:30 am starting in 85 fow and trolling west.  Not fast fishing, but steady all morning.  At 11 am we were sitting 8/12 with 4 kings and a steelhead in the box.  Let some 18-inchers go boatside to grow up some more.  We decided to run west and ended up about 12+ miles west of port, and a depthfinder unable to find bottom (500 ft +? ).  Water temp was 39.9 on the Fishhawk and my graph.  Upon deploying 5 short long lines (2 through 5 color, 100 to 150 copper) with orange Superslims we began the troll east at about 4.5 mph.  Once the surface temp reached 48 degrees it was game on.  Wound up the day going 13/22 or so and finished out the box with 4 kings, 5 steelhead, and a lake trout.

    Was wondering if we were going to hit some big fish, and we had 4 chances and got 2 of them in.  A 22 lb male and a 17 lb hen.  The other two big fish had other plans.  Smaller kings were about 6 to 10 lbs.  Steelhead ranged from about 3 to 10 lbs. Laker was 5 lbs.

    Morning program: Riggers 45-65 ft down, divers back 85-110, 150 copper, 200 copper, 300 copper all took bites at some point.  Stingray sized UV tape spoons with green on them worked.  Also Pro King UV Taped flashers with green flies worked.  Later morning, setting the divers back 215-250 took a couple hits.  East and West trolls. 2.5-3.0 mph.

    Deep program: Superslims at speeds of 1.5-5.0.  I kept changing speeds and directions and did a ton of circling once we found a group of fish.

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