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  1. Fished from 5 until 8:30 pm.  Started in 190 and worked back to the SE.  Made a few loops and passes in 150 fow, and then turned in towards port, on a NE.

    First fish in 150.  2 lb king - 45 down rigger - Stingray NKB

    2nd Fish in 145.  16 lb king - 80 down rigger - green/white 8" paddle + mirage fly

    3rd Fish in 145. 19 lb king - 300 copper, mag blue dolphin

    4th Fish in 110 fow - 2 lb laker - mag wire diver back 225 - green spin doctor and mirage fly

    5th Fish in 90 fow - 5 lb laker - 80 down rigger - green/white 8" paddle + mirage fly

    6th Fish in 85 fow - 5 lb king - 200 copper - purple spoon - unknown brand

    Pulled lines after fish no. 6 and headed in.

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  2. I'll say it's been very common for the lakers to suspend until the water warms up a bit.  I've caught them offshore too on one and two color lead cores.  The overall numbers should be way up to compared to 20-30 years ago.  There are a few strains.  Most common strain on the south side of Lake Michigan has been the Seneca Lake strain recently.  Some plants have been Lewis Lake, and Klondike Reef strains also.  A lot of Lake Superior strain fish have also been stocked up north.

    Colors could also indicate what the fish have been feeding on.  Any fish feeding on mysis shrimp recently would be really orange.

  3. Something's not working here (obviously because you're snapping off). 

    Knots aren't being tried right.

    Drags are not smooth enough.

    Diver release is too tight.

    Wire quality wire isn't good - or old, or it's allowed to kink.


    What brand of leader and wire do you have?  I've been running 25 or 30 on flouro leaders for years, and have snapped off like 2 divers - due to wire links.  Used to run snubbers but find i get better hookups without.

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  4. Fished from 3-6 ok today.  Started in 60-75, nothing.  Trolled out to 120.  Nothing?Pulled lines and we had a lake trout on the rigger rod out 125 in 120 fow. Fished again in 50-70 for an hour without a bump.  Called it a night at 6.

    Water was mud until 40 fow, and extremely dirty until 65 fow.  

    Water cleared past 90 fow.

    44 degrees down 40 ft.

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  5. I just wish the order would have shut down the major DNR launches until May 1st.  That would have prevented many of the large congregation of people at the launches, and would still allow me to use my boats other places.  Or legally use our 14-ft row boat with an electric trolling motor.

    In other news - at least the time off has allowed me to actually get the boat ready properly instead of piling boxes and boxes of crap in the front of the boat because I don't know where anything is!

    My question now is, are we going to see a massive "launch your boat" civil disobedience protest if the boating prohibition is extended?

  6. Well, start out simple.  This time of year can be quite unpredictable for fish.  Pick a pier known to fish well, and get out there at first light and see how many people are out there and what they're using and if they're catching anything.  Be friendly and maybe someone will share some tips and their setup with you. 

  7. Fished from 6:30 until 10:30 am.  Went 5-6 pulling in 4 kings and 1 lake trout.  3 kings were 8-12 lbs, the other went 26 lbs.  Lost another big one.

    100-150 fow.  East/West troll.  2.0-3.5 mph (east wind and swells had our speed all over the place).

    2 fish - 300 copper - Lyman Lures green plug

    1 fish - 200 copper - Mag Flounder Pounder RV

    2 fish - mag diver on 1.5 back 185 - Kevorkian SD and no-see-um fly.

    0-1 - 400 copper - Lyman Lures purple/black plug.


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  8. Was worried about the big storm forming off of Holland, but it stayed south.

    Fished 6:30 until 10:30.  Went 4-4.  3 kings, 1 steelhead.  Nothing huge but good sized fish.  Kings were immatures and biggest ran just under 15 lbs.  2.0-2.5 mph.  120-150 fow.

    200 copper & Lyman plug.

    400 copper & Moonshine Double Trouble

    Rigger 67 - Silver streak mag blue dolphin

    Mag Diver on 3 back 145 - Kevorvian Spin Doctor and Mirage Fly with green beads.

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