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  1. I was out there aswell this morning and went 1-2. 8 pound stealhead on 400 copper with pickled sunshine fly and sliver and green spindoctor in 119 FOW NW troll. 2nd hit was also on the 400 copper in 110 FOW on NE troll it took off and ran and fought hard until about 50 feet from the boat and shook off.
  2. Fished 6:30am to 1pm and went 2-3. First fish was a 5lb king on 5 color leadcore with green and white spoon in 166 FOW SE troll. Second hit was on rigger down 40 feet with dreamweaver a-bomb but got off shortly after the pole came out of the holder in 150 FOW SE troll. Third fish was a 14lb king on rigger down 115 feet in 142 FOW with 10in white double pearl glow spin doctor and super glow wonderbread spoon on NW troll. All fish caught were north of pier at 2.1-2.5 SOG.
  3. It would probably be around the same amount of time either way
  4. No problem,I believe it was 10 dollars to launch if I remember right.
  5. Schultz Park is where we launched our 23' slickcraft this year. It's about a half hour to the lake from there.
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