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  1. go with the 10 foot okumas ... love mine ... super light, dony leave your arms sore
  2. Spin Doctors, Pro Trolls, An John King Flashers
  3. during the full moons like to start around 8pm then ur coming back in by 12 or 1am
  4. i use it for everything... from tip up leaders to my ultra light rods for panfish all of my walleye stuff jigging an trolling an leaders on all my salmon an steely stuff
  5. i love em for riggers ... id set one up with 15lb for spoons ... an i agree with the short cores
  6. thanks guys ... then im not gonna string up a 25-30 lb rod i run 20lb on everything except i have one 15 rigger rod tied up for spoons ... and i run 12lb leaders on 3 color and up for spoons for high bows i was just worried the 20lb might not handle the big flasher
  7. I was just gonna get a general consensus on this I normaly run 8 inch flashers (pro trolls, and spinys) plus i run a few 10 inch BTI from JK for meat rigs ... I run all of this on 20lb Floro never had a problem now im gonna try running a pro troll 11inch next year with longer flies and twinkies Do you think 20lb is good enough for this size flasher?
  8. catalinas on the bluediamond roller rods with torpedo wire ... 2nd year no problems ... considering reversing my wire
  9. best advice i can give someone is what works on some boats doesn't on others ... and fish go out of temp to feed
  10. been runnin johns stuff for only one season ... no problems ... but i had good guidence wouldn't cut one of his hooks off ... i got some editting to due in the off season to one of his rigs ... but it was my own fault ... full moon 12 am big king in the net ... snapped a hook trying to get it out in a hurry
  11. see i was pretty much gonna purchase mine for the speed at the ball but im pretty confident in watching my riggers and divers after the years but i've always wanted to know how far off i really was
  12. i also fish without a probe but have decided that this winter i will b buying one ... i was also aiming at the x4 does anyone have anything against that unit?
  13. y knot make T shirts right away
  14. i dont run a 12inch but those who do always advise running 30lb with a 12
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