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  1. Put together a video of some fishing hacks that I've accumulated over the years, I think you'll find some useful info. Do you have any that I didn't mention ??
  2. Are you guys garage geeks like me, creating your own baits ? I love making my own baits in the garage. Experimenting with skirt colors, blade combos, trailer variations, Take a look at what I do to have success with jig fishing, maybe you can incorporate some of this info into YOUR jig game
  3. In the final part of this series I was about ready to call it a day but decided to try one more shoreline near the ramp. The bass had finally moved into the backwaters and I ran into a ton of em chasing baitfish and my spinnerbait. Hang out and watch a great finish to a day of Lake Erie Bass Fishing
  4. Part 2 of this series, found em on a main lake rocky shoreline staging before they head into the backwaters, baitfish around, birds diving and a ton of hungry bass, caught em on chatters, spinnerbaits and squarebills, come along for an awesome day of fall fishing on LAKE ERIE
  5. Thank ya sir, appreciate ya checkin it out
  6. In part 1 of this series I had to locate staging bass during the fall transition, were they in the backs of creeks and marinas ?, main lake ?, the in betweens ?, once I found em the fishing was fantastic ! Ride along to see how the day went
  7. Fall on Lake Erie, the bass are fattening up, its usually a baitfish bite, cranks ?, chatterbugs ?, spinnerbaits ?, jigs ?, ride along, lets find out
  8. Late fall, southern Michigan ,Baw Beese lake, I explain how I put fish in the boat in different depths, in different water conditions on the same lake chain
  9. Did a personal challenge, hit the Portage River targeting largemouth with the original rod n reel combo my dad bought me 50yrs ago, glad to hit my old stomping grounds
  10. Pieced together a decent day chasing largies in the shallows with my garage made swimjigs https://youtu.be/3Pw_uiG0x-8
  11. For the bass guys, I put together a video on how to make your own weedless swing weights, hope its helpful https://youtu.be/bnjvvhh-Ryk
  12. A video I put together from a summer bass outing in southern Michigan
  13. Put together a good day with Lake Erie Largemouth
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