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  1. Hey, I heard you say that Sat AM. Couldn't agree more.
  2. The perch have been in 50 fow about a mile south of the pierheads at Holland for a few weeks now. Prepare to move around a lot, though, because they do. Minnows have been working the best.
  3. No wonder you guys passed me going by black buoy, Randy. You didn't want to miss the drawing.
  4. The event is a go. See you tomorrow AM at the launch.
  5. I believe the one on your boat is a transvestite.
  6. My dad's been gone five years now. Some of my best memories originated from fishing excursions taken with him, to Canada and right here in MI. Those days are gone forever.
  7. My outboard only sips a half-gallon per hour while trolling, and I live 20 miles from PS, so I didn't use too much gas. Although I did run wide open from tin roof back to the bubbler, come to think of it.
  8. OOPS! I guess the, um, cats out of the bag now. Did it taste like chicken, Rich?
  9. Nice setup you have there, Rich. Those should come in handy come tournament time. Done any trapping lately? My cat came up missing, and I thought of you.
  10. Hmmm. Sounds like someone has been playing "Hide the Salami" with one Super J Plug. Who's going to 'fess up?
  11. Are you setting up a league, Deviator?
  12. That's right, Rick. Remember last year when the league champ came out of 7th (?) place to take the title? Forgot who that was, but he had a great box of fish, so you never know what might happen.
  13. If you look real close you can see the Jolly Roger.
  14. Wait a minute, Tom. All I did was wish your boat would find the Indian nets or something. You probably wished mine would spin a prop - which it did.
  15. No Tom, what you mean is - HE did everything he could to catch fish. Especially if doobage was part of his program. Just the thought of his frenetic gyrations makes me smile. He's intense. I once even saw him throw a penny at another boat that cut behind us. Yep. I remember once while fishing with Matt and Six I caught him with hands in pockets, so I had the pleasure of telling him the old "It was so cold this morning that I saw my lawyer with his hands in his own pockets" joke. He kind of ignored it. Might have been the toddie, though.
  16. OK Cap'n Chaos, now you gotta reveal the identity of said angler. Can't be General Disarray, unless he sold his boat. Does his name rhyme with "Line"?
  17. Full crew: T. Trout Tracker, Sixshooter, and Brian Beer. I see Brian is true to form in the photo.
  18. I'm curious. Last year there was some news coverage regarding the 1950 airline crash of a prop plane in Lake Michigan off South Haven, and how there was a search for the wreckage. Have they continued looking for it this year? It seems to me that if they really wanted to find it, they could.
  19. I think most anglers would settle the matter right then and there. I know I would. Still, it's good to know that the law is on our side.
  20. Good points raised here. The talking heads on TV can say all they want about supply vs. demand - and there is a certain amount of validity to that - but ultimitely someone is making a killing on fuel right now, namely, the oil companies. Persanally I would love to see this country wean itself from foreign oil through conversion to corn alcohol, methane, hydrogen, vegetable oil, or whatever other source helps us achieve our goal of fuel independence. We've allowed OPEC nations to get too powerful politically because of our demand for the stuff, and if we don't do something soon we're going to have to dance to their off-key tune more often.
  21. But of course. How silly of me.
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