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  1. I know the previous owner. The boat was sold earlier this year...but not sure where it went. I will try to find out.
  2. Hopefully sprinkles too. Because sprinkles are for winners! Great pics.
  3. Best fishing video I've seen in a long time! Nice work boys...and mom and dad!
  4. Last minute decision to go out for a solo evening on the lake (sorry Stew). Set up in 100 fow and took first small king in 120 fow, rigger 55 ft down with a pro king (hey jude) lure. The six color was the only other rod to go (old yellar) and it took a 10lb laker (released) and two steelhead. 130-150 fow. Trolled in as the sun set to 80 fow, but no bites. It was one of the prettier moon rises you will see. Cheers, Troy 'Off The Hook'
  5. 5/7. All kings. Lines in the water at about 4:30 and first fish on at 4:45. Started in 100 fow and took almost all of the fish between 115 and 125 fow, straight out of Holland. We caught fish on downriggers (one with a green ladder back plug and the other with meat), both high and low dipseys (green frog fly and meat), and the 300 copper on a green plug. Both fish lost were pretty decent fish, one right at the boat. Great evening with son, as we take him off to school this weekend. Cheers
  6. Jimmy... make sure you fill her with fuel...before putting her away. just sayin..
  7. Great report and looked like a great day to be out on the water.
  8. Last year my buddy said we logged somewhere around 500 fish caught. Maybe one or two of those was over 20lbs. This year, I don't know what the final log was, but it was a lot less than 500, but there were many (into double digits) caught over 20lbs. Biggest was just over 29lbs. Troy Team 'Off The Hook' and Team 'Got Fish?'
  9. We fished the pier heads on Monday evening...landed on nice king a little south in about 25 fow. Tried to troll in...but had a guys catch my rigger set up with his long line. Can you send my green ladder back j-plug back?
  10. I agree with some of the other posts...running 3 dipsey's is asking for some trouble. I run 2 per side...an 8' wire and a 10' braid. One day I will upgrade to wire for the 10' rods. Shimano all the way...they're just better and smoother drag reels. I just purchased 2 Okuma reels for my riggers this year, and they are working well. If you choose wire for the outside dipsey's...consider the upgrade rod tips designed for wire. Edit: Aaron at Lakeshore Outfitters can get you sorted.
  11. The Jimbobber legend grows. Nice work! Troy Team Off The Hook and Team Got Fish?
  12. Jimmy, Check your @steelheaders.org email. Thanks TS
  13. The "Off The Hook/Team Got Fish?" is planning on fishing in the PRO division of this tournament and is looking for an observer. As suggested in a prior post, If you've never been an observer before, it's a good chance to sharpen your own skills by being on pro-boats for a weekend, and hopefully learning a few new tricks. Responsibilities include logging in the catch for the team that you're assigned to, making sure they follow the rules, and accompanying your assigned team to the weight-in. It's a two day contest, however the observer must attend the Captain's Meeting on Friday night as well. We will also pay $100, and you're more than welcome to fish with us on the Friday "practice" day. Our boat is a 25' Pursuit Center Console for this event, and we have an experienced crew. Please contact me at [email protected] if you're interested or would like more information. Thanks
  14. Jimmy, We were committed to see if we could find salmon. We trolled out to 293 fow. Went 4/4 with steel..nice cookie cutter 6-8 lbs. No kings. We went again today (Sunday) and picked up a brown right out side the pier heads. Spent the next 4 hours working south in 80-110 fow...no takes except a 10 lb laker. Hoping the warmer weather will turn something on. Got Fish?/Off The Hook
  15. Had an opportunity to get out on the small Whaler and brought Dave Mull with. We ended up 0-5, but had a ball. All of them were steelhead. After working the pier heads for a bit, we received a call with a great tip, and proceeded to work the beach in anywhere from 6-10 fow. We had four fish on in an matter of one hour. We lost a nice one at the boat, and Dave broke another decent one off at the boat, on the spin reel. Good fun and great to get out.
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