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  1. I wouldn't use 20 floro, tried it and lost a lot of $. 25-30 mono for my leaders
  2. I don't know about 300 of 45lb being the best choice. 32lb is much easier to work with and 225ft of 32 is my most productive rod year round. 300 of 45 deff has it's place, especially when the bite is slow. I would get at least two coppers and make sure your dipsey leaders are at least 12-15 ft. I made the mistake of running mine too short for a while. Torpedo or drop weights are a good method if you don't have riggers.
  3. What depth and area were you fishing? I'm staying by Pentwater this week and hoping to take the kids out and get them on some fish. Thanks !
  4. Great job guys!!! Did all your hits come near the bottom?
  5. I spoke with some charters this morning at the pentwater cleaning station. They did pretty good in 50-60 fow. Seemed like they did the best on their short copper set ups. 50-100 foot coppers.
  6. I just read an article on the dnr website about ehd and blue tongue causing the death of over 500 deer so far in ionia and branch counties. Doesnt sound good. Does anyone know more about this? Specifically, where in ionia county have these deer been found?
  7. That same thing happened to me 4th of July morning on a flounder pounder spoon. I have no idea how it happened .
  8. Anyone have a recent perch report out of Holland ? Wondering if the cold water brought them in ?
  9. thanks, Im right on 92nd. I belive you are buddies with dale, im his neighbor.
  10. Fished 80 -105 fow north out of Holland. Set lines around 5:30 and pulled them at 9:30 going 10 for 14 with 9 nice kings and 1 steelhead. what worked: wire diver back 120 with white paddle and sezwhat fly 225 of 32lb copper with mag green dolphin full core with yellow/white jay plug flounder pounder on riggers down 62 and 55 nbk down 48 on rigger 300 32lb copper with green dolphin
  11. Way to get em again Jim ! Those bugs and flies were driving us insane too. Is there anything that will keep em away ?
  12. Got a late start setting lines a little after 7 straight out of Holland in 70 ft headed SW. Trolled out to 115 with nothing. Around 8:30 picked up one 65' down on the rigger, then turned east and had good action all the way back to 70'. Ended up 6 for 8 with 3 kings between 11 and 15 lbs, 2 steelhead at 8 and 10 lbs, and one coho. what worked: wire diver back 125' w/wonderbread paddle and sezwhat fly 1 steelhead free slider with orange crush one steelhead and 2 missed fish full core with blue flounder pounder 1 coho 225' 32lb copper with silver spoon (not sure the name) 1 king nbk 45 down on rigger 1 king green flounder pounder 65 down on rigger 1 king
  13. Made it out for the first trip of the year this morn. Got a late start , and never really found a pattern. Ended 6 for 7 picking up fish anywhere from 100 to 180 fow. Not the greatest day of fishing , but great to be back on the water. 325' of 45lb copper took 1 coho and one king 225' of 32lb copper took 1 king wonderbread paddle with white fly took one king than broke off on the next one 85' down on the rigger riggers at 50 and 60 down with moonshine's took other 2 coho Biggest was a 16lb king
  14. Hello everyone! My name is nick. My brother and I own a boat together. We have been fishing out of holland and port sheldon for about 5 years. GLF was recommended to me by a fellow fisherman at the cleaning station. Seems to be a lot of good info hear! Took my first limit this am. 10 for 14 out of holland.
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