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  1. Myles

    Fishing report

    I just booked a hotel in Au gres. I've only fished there onces but everything I've been reading is saying there's bigger fish up that way. Thanks for the report. Much appreciated!
  2. Fishing report Coming up next weekend. Trying to decide if we should stay in the southern part of the bay (Linwood) or move further north to maybe around Au Gres. Any fishing reports would be much appreciate. Thanks
  3. Love reading your reports. Keep them coming. We will be up in two weekends for a few days fishing. We normally fish out of Linwood but we are debating on moving further north to Au gres. Is that where you guys put in?
  4. Myles

    Walleye fishing

    Never fished that far north. Might have to give it a try! Much appreciated
  5. Myles

    Walleye fishing

    Awesome!! Thanks for the reply!
  6. Walleye fishing My father and I are coming up Friday for 3-4 days and we are staying in bay city. We normally put in over in Linwood. I'm looking for a good fishing report. Any information would be great. Thanks!