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  1. Where are they I'm going to buy them!!
  2. Whatg boat doesn't have issues???? New ones might be the worst!! Prop coming out of water your pin is in wrong spot! Saturday Sunday Monday......bottom line don't go looking if u can't buy or secure what your looking at! Am I the only on that thinks like this???[GVIDEO][/GVIDEO]
  3. Leagalize it! And tax it! Safer then booz! I'm for legalizing marijuana, and closeing the locks
  4. Well get a life?? Or a real job?? Anyone who has any idea of doucuments,emails,estiimates knows that caps means, very important, or pretty much saying shut up this is the way it is! So yes its yelling I'm with frank, and why didn't you say get a life in caps??? Or did you mean. Your saying that under your breath??
  5. yea why even go look @ a boat without cash in hand?? If your looking @ it, your not the only one
  6. Hey crow pm me I want more info were taking the 28ft silverton out Sunday (dorathy anne) of port sheldon, going to troll to grand haven! Want one last hoorahhh!
  7. ballsdeep184


    The sushi !bar is just as good...with less time messin around!
  8. hey fisf still wanna hook up this fall? I'm right on ada launch off knapp, let me know when ur ready to teach
  9. Set lines at 7ish in 70 ft trolled nw to 90 the ne to 70 picked up big king on mono dipsy set at 0 out the shute unknown distance back(no line counter) had a green paddle and some old white and blue fly on, new guy netting and try netting from tail popped. off !:mad then the thunder was rumbling so cam in, so went o for1 north of the stacks only fished an hour
  10. Just pay attention out there, I'm from key west and raised in fl, but lake mi can be a bi#%h, way differnt, do not trust noaa!
  11. Sat am sounds fishable for now but I read 7 to 10 sun and Monday. I'm sure it will be crappy its the weekend after all. And don't trust noaa. Seems like there 1 to 2 report is more like 3 to 5.
  12. Get rid of that vro and just premix your gas and oil together , that's the safest way
  13. Isn't there a sea sprite or striper on this website in the classafids section? That looks really really nice
  14. I wouldn't go from a lund to a bayliner either, bayliner used force outboards for there boats as well, on the outboard style, so that should tell u something ....cheap, underpowered crap!
  15. Cool thanks a lot! Ill have the blueish gray 18ft grumman
  16. Not sure it was up by the old ada beef. So just anchor up from a hole and drop the tots beind the boat? I tried a couple times this spring for steel @ mouth of rouge with no luck.
  17. Thanks, i will have my boat on the river so I can pretty much get anywhere, when will the fishing pick up above the dam? Last year I was deer hunting off the river in gun season I saw a guy get 3 steel in about 2 hours anchord in the river
  18. Does anyone know how to catch salmon,steelhead,browns above 6th st dam? I have a lot more time to fish the grand river above 6th st dam then I do lake michigan, so just wondering any spots, or techniques to catch them.info on baits or times to fish would be great, thanks!
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