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  1. Took a quick trip out this a.m. from port Muskegon . Went 3- 4 -4 just north of pier heads out in 110-125 FOW. Took 2 Kings and 1 Steel/Coho mix breed. What worked was Golden Orange Crush Icicle on the 400 for the 2 kings, and MOAB moonshine 76 down on rigger for the Steelho:grin: The brisk SE winds kept us on the west troll by 10 a.m. pulled lines and called it a morning. All fish came from 8:30 to 9:30.
  2. Got two man limit of 8-13 inch perch just north of dunes in 51-52 fow no gobies. Saw many steelhead caught in 30 fow. Water started out at 54' then rose to 62'. Caught majority of jumbos when water was 57-58'. Minnows were the ticket.
  3. Life cannot get any better than that, good job! What time did you get the perch?
  4. Thanks Danthebuilder and Pulpfishin for the info for South Haven Perch. Was a beautifull day flat waters. Came home with 40. Fished south 40 FOW by deer lic and North 2 mi 70FOW both producing equal amounts of fish all goood size with half being jumbos. Minnows were the ticket. Drifted as the gobies were heavy hitters still fishing, worst we have seen in years. All in all it was a blast!
  5. Thanks for all the info greatly appreciated will let you know if we find them or not. Any day on the water is a great day fish or not.
  6. Thanks thought it was the bait shop the launch and thanks for the link. Will post how we do.
  7. Thanks for the info will try calling the # in your post although not familar with pyles. Have been going down to South Haven for past 20 + years for perch only, we fish out of port Muskegon, for our Salmon and everything else.
  8. Has anyone heard if they are getting perch in South Haven. We usually head down there for several trips in July and August, would like to try an early trip this week. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Awesome trip, I would say you did as well as any seasoned fisherman and solo at that way to go. 20# selver female even sweetend the box.
  10. Very cool video thining of sending ours down on a cannon ball and see what we miss:grin:
  11. Swedish pimple and loco lures for jigging 3/4 - 1 oz wt so they get to the bottom then just jigg off bottom like ice fishing fish they usually tap the lure or they just outright attack it.
  12. Hubs, son, and nephew hit Muskegon channel in a.m. for the annual jigging. They went 15 4 to many to count 3 man limit of King Hogs most starting to show their 4 year old age mostly males. ranging from high teens to 20+ wt., they had a blast along with about 50 other jiggers. Will attempt to post some pics in the gallery. Fish were still hitting as of this a.m., yesterday just about any color did the job. Get out and have some fun in Muskegon you will see the carnival and be entertained at the same time.
  13. Happened to find a j plug anyone out of Muskegon loose one.
  14. Whats fun about jigging is you feel the bite set the hook and then feel the rip of screaming line being pulled by a freight train, and the battle begins. The big ones this time of the year fight hard, shake the bait like a pit bull, and clear the water like a sailfin you see alot of fish winning the battle. All the fish we saw caught were mid teens to low 20's pound wise.
  15. Watched a father son in 12 foot aluminum boat jigging for salmon in Muskegon yesterday, he out fished most of the boats around him. He caught n fought two dad landed both of them, he netted his dads one fish, and it was almost as big as him, what a great job for a six year old.
  16. Watched a father son in 12 foot aluminum boat jigging for salmon in Muskegon yesterday, he out fished most of the boasts around him. He caught two fought them both and dad landed them they were hogs got to love the kids
  17. Set out in the 50 fow out from the channel another morning of rough water 3-4 footers rollers started a south to north troll marking the staging of one of the first big runs of the season. Could not get a bite for nothing and waves continued to beat us up, so headed in around 10:30 stopped just past the mouth by 200 yds or so in Muskegon Lake in 40 fow hubs dropped a old pink jigging lure and within 5 minutes had first fish on, then 10 minutes later 2nd fish on same lure, some nice 18 pound darkies. Handed me the the pole and the fun began, had a hit and the fight began. After 20 minutes and begging the hubs to take the pole I pulled in a 22 pound silver female who just about whooped my behind. We finished the day 8 4 10 all nice hogs the kings are big this year. What a great day. Pink did the job
  18. Went out of port Muskegon first run and staging of next run has begun along with combat fishing. Third day of fishing and niether me or the hubs felt like we were in a combat mode headed out straight to last waters we caught fish in 160. Late late start too 10:30 lines set, within the hour had 3 nice fish bloodynose, green nbk glow, did the job had several doubles and a screamer on green paddles and green flies also took fish and hits, in 130 fow. If you want to have fun and not deal with the crowds by the arms go out deep and enjoy peaceful waters but be ready to fish, gand use your copper, wire, dipseys or whatever and not worry about getting someone elses gear:grin:
  19. The fly bite out of muskegon has really turned on. Try a 11" white paddle with oceana fly on dipsy set on 2.5 back 160. This has been an excellent set-up as well :-)
  20. get ready for combat fishing its just around the cornor
  21. Lately in South Haven if you get anything you are doing good. Ran across a couple of older seasoned perch fishermen, they live in Holland they been limiting out at Port Sheldon and wanted to see how SH was doing. They got a limit, we got 40 nice ones in the 50-60 fow on minnows and shrimp(afternoon was better). They also said PS has been hot for salmon, you may want to try a salmon/perch trip weather permiting. Thats our next trip sometime next week. I say you did well perch/salmon and on the water not at work good job.
  22. Now that is a bingo game I could win. Entertainment on and in the water who could ask for anything more.
  23. Yup it is the fresh frozen shrimp (with shell), if shell left on stays on hook for longer period, few shrimps go along way.
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