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  1. I have two 620's with 4' booms for sale; Base plate included, Ball retriever included; They are in great shape, Last used 2 year ago fishing 140' deep. I upgraded to electrics. Located in Frankfort, Indiana; North of Indianapolis. $125 each If I have to ship I am sure that would be expensive, they would be oversize pkg. Prefer local pickup Also have two Penn Swival matic bases; Allows the riggers to rotate 90 degrees; $40 each I will be traveling next couple weeks, call me. 765 490 9221.
  2. Well I got the TackleSmith boat alarm. I got it installed today. The brain of the unit requires some wire searching and isolation as the ignition switch is part of the programing. Also have to find the LED light wire as it emits a 12v pulse to make them flash when alarming. The impact sensor is mounted to something solid or a wire bundle under the console. It has a small adjustment to adjust the sensitivity if needed. The magnetic reed switches are pretty simple. Mounted some of them took a little brain work because of the design of my compartment lids. By far the hardest part was running all the wires to the magnetic switches. Its all done.. no wires visible.. siren not visible.. This is how it worked. With a LCD keyfob click the lock, 1 chirp and it shows a padlock on the screen locked. That should be armed. I grabbed the fishfinder and whamo! the siren 125decibel goes off. Man was that loud...and now where is that paper that tells me how to shut it off. lol Push unlock and it stops, LCD keyfob shows the alarm has went off. It also buzzed in my hand too. Alarm again, 1 chirp, open a glove box it goes off. Alarm again, 1 chirp, step up on the steps to get in the boat, it goes off. Mess with the prop or the trolling motor and it goes off! Try to unhook from my truck and it goes off! Unsnap my cover and it goes off! Shock sensor can be disabled like when you are at a dock.. or lots of people around, like camping. Open a hatch though and the alarm goes off. When your sitting in the restaurant having lunch or sitting in your hotel room your keyfob will vibrate and tell you somebody is messing with your boat I am very pleased with it so far and would recommend it. It will sure give me peace of mind when in a restaurant, motel for the night, camping or anywhere the boat has to sit out in the open without me in it. Its not fool proof, but I cant imagine anyone sticking around after setting that thing off. cost was about $250. http://www.thetacklesmith.com/boatalarms.htm
  3. Charters are on the waters almost daily.. They could help be the eyes and ears of the DNR to support fishing regulations and safety on the water. Its all about building relationships and its a 2-way street. Sounds like the Michigan DNR just put up a roadblock and the Indiana DNR needs to step up their inspection process to accommodate the pubic for safety. Bum deal Personally I would like to see a Lake Michigan License good for all states
  4. I have a 2011 Lund Tyee 1850. It has the sport trac on it. I have used it for my rod holders, downrigger brackets from lund, and most recently mounted a Bird Tree. The Tree I chose was Great lakes Planers. I like the way it adjusts. I used one like it with a guide in Green Bay and it was flawless. For mounting I use Lund Brackets from Cisco Fishing Systems. I used two on each side and attached a 12" track to spread the torque. the Planers are mounted with a track base that can be removed when I dont need them. A picture of the Planers Trees and the brackets. The brackets are very high quality. later I use it to mount dispsy holders... they are that strong. this next pic shows the brackets and trac. you know the brackets are in the sport trac and tite when the red line are verticle. this next picture you can see the lund downrigger bracket attached to boat. no drilling and very strong. 20lb ball, cannon swivel brackets attached to the lunds. no problem.
  5. I think its about time for a great lakes license!
  6. I have a powerwinch rc 30 and love it. Not had any problems at all. Ease of use even my grandson can load my boat with it. I pull up an 1850 Lund Tyee, 175hp and kicker with gear etc. http://www.powerwinch.com/powerwinch/controller?action=product&c=9&p=1
  7. My take on this issue: We know every school has plenty of teachers who are gun enthusiasts that have permits to carry. Instead of paying a salary of 50,000 to an officer that sticks out like a sore thumb, let those teachers arm themselves much like air marshals. You don't know who they are but you know they are there. Use the 50,000 to offer those willing, the training to protect our children. Then, instead of having one person to protect our children you have many and the thugs don't know who they are! It does not do any good for a principal or teacher to run out into a hallway to face a gunman with a pencil! God bless those willing to step up. Nothing will be 100% effective.
  8. I had some older reels that I have been using for trolling that were about 25 years old. Penn 320 Gti and Diawa Great Lakes 47LC line counters. These were fine reels for their day but the drags were getting a little jerky. I sent them to Tuna Tom Reel Troubles in Lundington Michigan. They were cleaned and serviced, upgraded the the drags to carbon fiber. Now they are like new... silky smooth drags, smooth as silk initial start up, no hard buttons or clickers. Because I had 8 reels I got a discount so the total cost including shipping was $179. Consider the cost of new equipment what I got was a deal. Turn around was less than 2 weeks. If you got a old workhorse that you like but its not what it used to be try this guy out. http://www.tunasreeltroubles.com/
  9. Look at that tail... now that is some serious power! So give us the specifics on what, how etc! I wonder how old a fish is that size?
  10. Had a Maint guy at work fab me up a fish holder! we call in government work! lol made of 316 stainless steel I think it will work very well after I put a comfortable grip on it. Hopefully you see this and me in photo's next year... holding up some hogs for the camera!
  11. hmmm. I never thought of the hook in the hand problem!
  12. I saw on Mr. Mulls blog he mentioned thumping the salmon on the head before putting in the cooler. Is this a common practice? How many of you do it? Does it really make a difference? I have seen a lot of videos where the fish are netted and then just flipped out of the net to flop around on the floor. That would seem to bruise the meat also? I dont hear many fish flopping around in a cold cooler, but then again, I dont hear so well! lol Last.. what you using for a knocker?
  13. I use pool noodles also. For a drop shot rig the weight is put in a slit on the noodle to hold it taut. The pins will hold the loops nicely.. the more you use the noodles the better they become because they will have memory grooves for the next leader placement. I try to place mine at about 1/2' intervals. cut them about 11" total long that fit nicely into a bag I carry. Labels on the ends tell what the noodle has on it. i use the bigger noodles as less wrapping and less coiling.
  14. Michigan City Weather Buoy Data - NOW AVAILABLE The folks from Purdue University and Illinois Indiana SeaGrant deployed their buoy off of Michigan City Here's a link to their data http://www.iiseagrant.org:81/index.html Link UPDATED Here's the link to information on the buoy http://www.iiseagrant.org/buoy/ Here's the exact Lat/lon 41.755500, -86.967100‎ or 41° 45' 19.80" -86° 58' 1.56"
  15. This year on vacation in Devils Lake, ND. Hired a guide the first day.. great day. 2 Days later we launch our boat, several people are in line, only two boats can launch at a time. While my partner is parking our truck/trailer the same guide comes flying by all the boats right to the front of the line and launches in front of those who were waiting! Well he had paying clients! He was running late! Well he was rude and inconsiderate to others. I will not hire this guy again! Great advertising on his part,
  16. I always gravitate toward your post when I see them as I am just a rookie with this Salmon fishing. I find them very helpful and informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  17. sounds like the lake czar is overstepping again? So many czar's these days I wonder what country I live in sometimes?
  18. thanks all for your replies. i will give them ideas a try but those strips sure look easy and mess free. Can the strips be shipped, storage problems? expensive? i assume they work in the Weenie meat heads.
  19. Has anybody used gizzard shad for meat rigs? It is readily available for me and was wondering how it would hold up?
  20. Bass Pro Shop always has something that catches me. New to this and taking all this in. Thanks
  21. Found this article while looking for info. anybody care to comment who has had this experience? By Don Dziedzina and On the outdoors | November 29, 2010 Lake trout fishing in Lake Michigan is at its best in December. A good place to put in is at Burns Ditch (the Burns Waterway) in northern Indiana. The artificial reef that parallels the Port of Indiana's northern break wall is a real hot spot for lakers. The port is about a mile to the northeast from the mouth of the ditch. At this time of the year, the trout will move to the reef to feed on bait. When it gets colder, they move off into the port because of the warm-water discharges.
  22. Does anyone have a heads up when the lake trout are in shallow for the spawn in Southern Lake Michigan.. Any info on the portage area or the port of Indiana would be appreciated.
  23. I have a 2011 Lund Tyee with 25" transom. with a Merc pro kicker 9'9 from transom to cavitation plate is 25". I just put a tape on it.
  24. I think I am leaning toward the scotty pro pack. extended boom, has very low amp draw and heavy wgts dont seem to bother them at all. Looks like they are about 500 to 600 new. booms tilt up and lock. Now I am wondering, do you wire them to your main battery or auxiliary batteries.
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