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  1. Koo i have to fish friday gots another tournament on sat, im in if you dont have anyone to fish with, im all over the fish, I put some pics in the gallery from the sebewaing tournament but i cant figure how to get them on the post.
  2. we manged 6th in the sebewaing tounrny weighing in at 14.5 we caught our three man limit but only had 3 fish over 23 inches and the rest were between 17 and 19, im in pickels bar tourny this saturday the 25 hopefully a top five finish, lots of fish just no hoggs.
  3. I will be fishing on saturday, wheres the walleye for warriors out of
  4. Is this pat mcgory from rose island. Ya the fish are moving north we went out of buds this morning had lines in the water at 6 and had a 3 man limit by 8 off the tip of lone tree in the slot 17 fow. We just busted 400 walleye on the season, its nice being able to fish all the time. Get at me im in the sebewaing tournament, maybe we can fish together i know where they are, but thats purdy much everywhere rite now. The duck boat is stacking em up.
  5. Sebewaing is having a free walleye tournament on friday june 17. It starts at 8 and weigh in is at 230. There is no pre registration, just be at the sebewaing marina at 7 for registration, its even free to launch for the day. First through fifth get a trophy and their pics in the paper, and bragging rights should be a blast.
  6. Ya i guess i took 5 dozen i just wasnt expecting all the small eyes. We caught at least 20 throw backs and thats where all the crawlers went, plus we caught a few 14in perch.
  7. Theres plenty of tournaments throughout the summer im sure you can fish another one. The fishing action is hot and heavy just about everywhere out on the bay rite now and should continue into july as long as the water doesnt warm up to 80 degrees like last year.
  8. Thought we were gonna do better, we were on some big fish earlier in the week, but it didn't produce for us yesterday.
  9. Fished thomas marina tournament today and caught our 15 for a 3 man limit and 20 plus throw backs. We took 8th place otta 30 some boats, weighed in at just under 14 pounds, we had two 22 inchers and the rest were cookie cutter 18in. Everybody purdy much caught there limit with alot of throw backs. We ran out of crawlers at 10 and had to troll hotntots the rest of the tournament with minimal success.
  10. Ya we can do that i fish bout very day the weather allows me too so im constantly on the moving eyes. Hope the weather is decent this weekend gots tournaments all weekend.
  11. Ive been dragging the bottom hard in the slot with great success, when i feel the bottom bouncer hit i let out about 10 more feet of line out.
  12. Nope i drag the bottom with bottom bouncers, ive been walleye fishing saginaw bay for 15 years and never fished for suspended walleye, as far as im concerned their bottom feeders.
  13. Sounds good but i think im going to fish the thomas marina tourny weve placed in it a number of times over the years plus were catching some big fish over that way. Whats first prize in the one your in?
  14. That's fine man hope to see u on the water, your from Indiana huh I know a good group of guys from Indiana. I'm a duck hunting guide on Saginaw bay and like 12 guys come and stay a week at my lodge, they always bring about 50 pounds of crawdads to cook up.
  15. Ya i was back in by 1, i know its 3 rods a man, and im only in a 16 foot duck boat with a 25 on the back, i only run 4 rods ever with a yellow birds thats all you need anymore lines in the water and the more tangles
  16. Man i was really close to you today prolly another mile east did u see 3 guys in a duck boat, we hit a 3 man limit with 6 fish over 7 lbs, all on the fire tiger crawler harness dragging the bottom
  17. Nice fish we werent too far from you boys today, i could see the spark plug
  18. You should think about trying the bay, everybody is catching fish pretty much everywhere.
  19. Got lines in the water about 745 this morning trolling crawler harnesses in the fire tiger in 15 to 17 fow. It was a fury of fish till about 10 then slowed leaving us a few fish short of a 3 man limit. I threw a buoy out on the first fish we caught so we headed back towards that and finished our limit. We had 6 fish over 7 pounds and only one throw back, we also caught one cat and 5 sheeps, lost 5 nice eyes trying to net them, one in which im sure one pushing 30 inches. I had 2 first timers with me and they had a real hard time hooking fish and netting them. This is the 14th limit weve caught since easter sunday, i live on the bay so i fish alot, the total on eyes is sitting at a purdy 299 on the spring season, but its 51 fish down from this date last year.
  20. Glad u caught some fish this weekend, we fished Qsee saturday morning and brought in 12 but we only fished a couple hours went back on sunday morning didnt do **** all sub legal walleye so we moved to a spot about 4 miles north towards the sebewaing river and caught a 4 man limit in 2 to 3 hours nice sized fished too. I think Qsee is all done too many boats and too much pressure. We were the only boat for miles and thats the kinda fishing i like.
  21. Just got in from quiniccasea fished from 6 to 930 and got blown off but we came in with 12 not to bad they were in shallow from 7 to 11 feet and their still biting on the firetiger crawler harnesses
  22. Just happy to get something besides all lakers, their fun to catch but not that great to eat. Caught them all between 6 and 730 just like the other trips out of port austin. Do they only bite the first 3 hours in the morning and the last 3 hours of light?
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