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  1. Went out of sebewaing on saturday trolled from the last buoy of the river towards thomas and fish point in 6-8 fow and caught a 2 man limit of decent eyes. Started off slow then had a thunder storm come in on us and the fish really started biting. Most of the fish were between 18-22. We trolled 1-1.5 using medium bladed crawler harnesess in the firetiger or bright orange with yellow and shartruece, 3/4 ouce bb. Had a buddy that i fished with out of Q sea last week call me and say he was going out of the patterson road launch on the saginaw river and he had no one to go with, so i tagged along. We fished 12-15 fow in front of state park and around the old dumping grounds, managed 10 but the fish were hard to come by, but we did have 2 fish over 28in. Heres what worked trolled .9-1.4, 1 ounce bb 30 to 40 feet off the boards, antifreeze and orange was the best colors. Had some friends fishing off the south end of callahan reef sunday who caught a 4 man limit, but they said most of the fish were small and alot of throwbacks.
  2. Finally got some fishing done on the bay over the last week and still managed to work a 50 hour week. . Fished sunday on the sandbar one of my hot spots and caught a 2 man limit in 10 feet of water 4 miles out of thomas marina, we trolled bb and crawlers at 1 to 1.5 the hot colors were small to medium fietiger and orange with shartruece harnesses. Had some buddies fish tuesday out of Q sea and were sending me pics of there 3 man limit befor 930 in the morning, so i decided to meet them on wensday at the public ramp at 630, i work 2nd shift so i said what the hell, we had lines in the water by 730 and were back to shore at 920, i was back in bad axe by 1030 and even got a nap before work. That went so well i meant up with them thursday at 630 again and had another 3 man limit bfore 10, heres what worked 5-6 feet of water trolling just about any crawler harness known to man at .9 to 1.2. Not alot of size to the fish and alot of throwbacks but no junk fish at all. Most of the fish were between 15 and 17 inches, but we had a few around and over 20 inches. Prolly had over 40 boats out there on thursday, there was only 6 on wensday. So the fish are prolly gonna start moving out of that shallow water and towards the slot and the sandbar in the next week.
  3. Caught our 3 man limit on the nasty for opener the fish were hard to come by but we managed. Also caught prolly over 50 shephead some silver bass and a handful of cats. We used 3/8 ounce jigs in the firetiger pattern tipped with real minows or lunker city finesse minows in the blue and silver. Im done on the river made my one trip there for the season, fishing the nasty is just not my cup tea, on another note headed out tomorrow out of sebewaing to fish the bay. I would be out today but strong northeast winds are keeping me on shore. Ill post a report if we get into any good fish tomorrow.
  4. Went out on the bay twice this spring with no fish. First trip my motor was running bad and we had to come in without getting our lines wet. Second trip went out of sebewaing and headed out to the sandbar where we were getting good fish this time last year, got all the way out there and the water was clear. We went up and down the bay trying to find dirty water with no luck. Stayed in harbor beach last weekend at my girlfriends parents, ive caught fish up there before so i brought my fishing gear with me and im glad i did. Fished saturday night from 6 to 9 and picked up 3 nice walleye off the end of the breakwall, casting a 2/3 ounce little cleo in orange and silver. Their was a number of other fisherman casting fire tiger bombers and glass perch husky jerks and they also caught a couple fish. Went back sunday night at the same time and landed 2 more big walleye and lost 2 others and a 12 to 14 pound steelhead. Its hard to get those fish through all those rocks to the net. All 5 walleye i caught were males between 7 and 9 pounds, and i caught them all on a little cleo, i had no luck with the stick baits. Im headed to the saginaw river next weekend for the opener ill let everyone know how i did.
  5. What i mean is when your trolling theres always a fast side and a slow side which means one side is pulling harder than the other side, i always try an run my hot n tots on the fast side and the crawlers on the slow side. You can tell which side is which by how the boards are pulling.
  6. went out of sebewaing last night and got set up at 530 in 9 fow off the back of defoe island and had another excellent fish in the shallow water. I love fishing the shallow water it makes things so easy. We ran the same program crawlers on the slow side and tots on the fast side, ended up bringing in 19 fish, 1 short of our limit. Had some nice fish mixed in with the 17 to 20 inchers, had prolly 5 or 6 fish over 22. Pink and white harnesses continue to produce good fish as well as black an silver tots, or all pink tots. The water depth ranges from 7 to 12 off the back of the islands due to the extensive reef systems, which is whats keeping the fish there i believe. Also caught a few jumbo perch in the 13 to 14 inch range which suprisingly bite on the tots, also caught alot of junk fish but its worth it.
  7. Fished sebewaings american legion tourny on saturday and took 5th place, but came in with a nice 3 man limit fishing the west side of the bar in 12 to 15 fow. Pink and white crawler harnesses at 1.7 to 2, dragging the bottom. Picked up a few fish on a purple hot n tot as well. Had some friends bring in a 5 man limit on saturday fishing 8 to 11 fow off the back of the island chain, so we moved in shallow for sunday and busted a 4 man limit before noon, i cant believe these fish are still in the hot shallow water. We trolled crawlers on the slow side and tots on the fast side, pink and white is the ticket on the harnesses and purple, and black n silver tots with a red bill.
  8. Ya i hope we can get into em there this weekend cause i got a walleye tournament, and its been blowing 15 to 25 out of the nnw for 2 days.
  9. Fished on the bar in my old hot spot all weekend and did purdy well. Saturday took my girl and her 11 year old cousin who never been on a boat, we brought in 9, but lost alot next to the boat. We fished 11 to 14 fow on the east side of the bar in front of sebewaing and a little north. Went back to the same spot on sunday and got a 3 man limit, no girlfriend and no kids, only had to fish 2 hours. Heres what worked. Friday night i painted a couple purple and silver hot n tots with bright orange and pink finger polish on the bellies and bills and those caught most of our fish on both days, the rest came on pink an white crawlers, on the bottom and at 1.6 to 2.
  10. Got a call from a buddy last night that lives in PT.austin, he wished me a happy birthday and asked if i wanted to go out fishing for my birthday today, well that didnt take much thought. He said he has been on a active school of fish just south of grindstone and that he was catching some monsters. So i meet him at the launch at 5 and we had lines in the water by 6 and were back into shore at 10 with a 3 man limit of some monster walleye. These were some some of the biggest fish ive got into all season. The average fish was 26 with a few pushing the 30 inch mark. We trolled 40 to 50 fow at 1.4 to 1.6 using green and pink crawler harnesses with 2 oz bb, 75 to 100 feet off the boards. I mite have to do some fishing out there over the next week and hold off on the salmon fishing just a little longer. The fish are biting nicely along the shoreline in 30 to 60 fow from caseville to harbor beach. With people catching limits on crawlers, stinger spoons and jumbo hot n tots and reef runners. Good luck and have fun out there.
  11. Im about ready to call it hear purdy soon, ive caught enough fish this year and its getting to hot, my favorite time on the bay is middle of april to end of june. Got some buddies that are big salmon fishers and want me to heading out with them in august, im ready for a change.
  12. Thanks alot john for the boat ride on sunday i had a great time. Hope to see you soon. Well we fished in my spot on the bar and it is dead the fish have totally made the move to deep water. We fished 2 hours on the bar and only picked up 1 for the box, and then made the move to 30 to 35 fow and put the hammer down on some nice eyes. Once we found the fish it was steady action and we came in with 18, 2 short of our 4 man but the girls were getting restless, but they caught a few nice fish, those girls of yours are gonna be walleye slayers one day. We ran crawlers in red and chartruece 75 to 85 feet back off the boards trolling at 1.3 to 1.6, had prolly 10 throwbacks, and lost i dont know how many half way in and at the back of the boat, 1 bonus big perch. Went back to the same spot this morning and picked up 10 real nice ones before the storms started rolling in. THANKS AGAIN JOHN.
  13. Hope to see you soon tim, your buddies that came in last night we had a good fish today but had to call it short due to some bad storms moving in, were headed out of caseville tommorrow.
  14. Pink was always my favorite color as well but yesterday was the first time ive used it this year and the fish tore it up. The best pink ones were pink an white, and pink with sparkles. Good luck in the wang, couldnt go today truck broke down last nite and is in the shop, but will be out sat,sun,mon,tues
  15. Well another great day of fishing on the bay, we hit a 4 man limit in short order, with the whole trip taking just over 3 hours. Switched things up today and ran all pink crawler harnesses and 1 junior deep diver thunderstick. We were on the bar but a little farther to the north, by north island. Still in 7 to 11 fow trolling at 1.8 dragging the bottom. Talked to alot of people at the launch when we got in including the DNR, peolpe using hot n tots were well short of their limits. The fishing out of caseville is starting ti heat up off of oak point with alot bigger fish being taken in the 25 to 30 inch range. We had 8 fish between 20 and 24 and the rest between 17 and 19.
  16. Ya some times i am depending on what boat im fishing out of, just call for kitchen and if i hear ya ill hit you back and let you know where the fish are and what there biting on
  17. You can only have 15 walleye in your freezer, never heard that before
  18. I dont have 800 walleye in my freezer i dont keep all the fish, everybody gets their fish
  19. Just for the record weve never caught over our limit this year we have been walleye fishing steady since the middle of april, and when your catching between 20 and 35 walleye a trip since the middle of may and you get to fish as much as we do they add up quick.
  20. Well hit another limit this morning out of sebewaing, but only a 2 man. Purdy much the same deal, yellow with brite orange crawlers harnesses, trolling at a steady 1.8, dragging the bottom, off the sand bar in 11 to 13. Finally caught another fish over 8lbs this morning, was the first fish we landed. She was 27.5 inches long and weighed 8.6 lbs.
  21. If you dont donate to the bay she wont take such good care of you. Another trick i use is when the fishing is slow We throw all the change in our pockets in the water, and it seems to work, take care of the saginaw bay gods and they will fill your whole familys freezers year in and year out.
  22. I have over 200 hot n tots i just really like using crawlers cause i always catch fish no ifs, ands, or butts bout it. After today we have put 827 walleye in the freezer and prolly 800 of them were caught on crawlers. Today was our 27th straight limit out trip on the bay.
  23. Well the walleye fishing could be no better on the east side of the bay. We limited 4 to 6 man limits 5 days in a row. We caught 25, 20, 25, 30, 30. The fish are very aggressive in the warm shallow water of the sand bar. I havent been able to post lately cause i donated my apple i phone to the saginaw bay gods last week, and my new phone is junk. The same as always firetiger, bright orange mixed with shartruece crawler harnesses trolling a little faster at 1.7 to 2.1. We are fishing the bar behind the island chain in 7 to 13 fow, starting to get close to north island. The junior deep diver thunderstick is producing fish along with a few select hot n tots, but crawlers are the main choice. Had a great fish with tim 61 on friday, from this site and hope to see him again soon. The offer extends to anyone that wants to fish sebewaing and the surronding areas and needs another man that knows the area. But best hurry the water temp is approaching 80 degrees and the fish are moving north in a hurry. EVERYBODY IS CATCHING LIMITS OF FISH AT THIS TIME.
  24. Well thanks tim it was a fun day of fishing and i hope to see you soon. If anyone from this site wants to head to sebewaing and slam some fish and needs an extra man i am more than happy to go and show you some of my walleye holes.
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