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  1. Fished from 10 am boxed out at 5 pm Fish were all good looking healthy fish. fish count 35 Walleyes 6 sheephead 4 white bass no Catfish today. Fish were close to shore stay in close no deeper than 15 feet of water worked for us Spinnys with big blades did the best. A big thank you to the people at the Marina so helpful a great place to fish...................
  2. Looking for Herring for Meat rigs Kent County ?
  3. Big Chinooks not one hit on a rigger or a dipsy. Lead core, Long lines with snaps, and copper took all hits .Zig Zag and speed 2 to 4 all hits on outside turns. smaller skinny spoons orange easter egg, red nbk and a custom silver halo my son made took most hits a blue dolpnin halo small and skinny took the big one.We fished from early morning to just before dark had action all day aprox. one hit an hour. Fog and haze all day if you could get some sun to break thru you could get some action.Fished from the pier heads out around the nets to 150 and back . Good Luck I hope this helps also there is a lot of crap out there watch for tree limbs clumps of grass plastic bags etc floating around .
  4. Great Fishery ...... We fish all over the State and this is the best Walleye Fishing that we have ever seen. You catch Walleye over here. Bring a Kid they will have Fun Catching Fish, Sheephead, Catfish, White Bass.and WALLEYE.You catch so many fish that you ALMOST get sick of it. June on Saginaw Bay is just as good as it gets. Purple Ice , Yellow, Green ,Blue and Hot Pink Night Crawler Harnesses worked for us. Linwood Beach Marina is were we launch our Boat.{ you might have to wait in line to launch your Boat but its well worth it}.. We caught our limit and so did everyone else we talked to at the Dock.
  5. went 9 for 13 Fished from 50 to 150. Had to turn off channel 68 chatter got way to ugly for small grandson to listen to.What the heck was going on out there????????????????????
  6. What were you running between dipsey and Board and Board and Fly? And how fast were you going?
  7. We catch live alwifes with a cast net in the am. Run fresh bait on your meat rigs. That might get you a big King.
  8. Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Great Weather Great Fishing. I would like to give a special THANKS to the Staff at Linwood Beach Marina, as well as Franks Great Outdoors for there Expert local Walleye advice. My son and I caught more Walleyes in 3 days than we have ever caught. Thank You again for a great trip we will never forget. What worked for us Meat rigs in Blue Baitfish caught the Big one. Purple Ice and Victorian Pimp Blades caught the most. Orange with Gold Beads was deadly on Saturday. Where we fished Spark Plug was OK Black Hole was better and Cigar area was best for us.
  9. May 6, 2013 We caught walleyes ranging from 12 to 22 inches. All on crawlers harnesses. We got 12 keepers and 10 just undersize. 8-17 feet of water - straight east of the marina Be advised the channel is 4-5 feet deep after the last marker it drops to 3 feet out in the bay and lots of wood and debris floating around out there Only fished a couple of hours, the wind picked up out of the east
  10. 6 for 10 Sleelhead, Coho, and Kings fished 100 to 170 feet of water west of channel. Best was around the nets. Lead core and Dipsey Divers did best. Down riggers down 101 with a Blue Dolphin Mag, got the big one. Called it after we got a sea sick kid, He just wasnt having fun .....................
  11. Hey Buster, Are you Big Ds son?

  12. We caught a walleye monday with clumps of groath? Very unusual and disturbing???????????????????????????? At the spark plug...........Any info on this????????????
  13. We have a bit o trouble with the picksloading as well.
  14. 1st time on the Bay this year. Great day 4 man limit and then some . Afternoon of fishing for Walleye. Started off slow fished 13 to 16 ft with only one 22 inch fish. Once we found the fish it was very steady. Strong west winds pushed us in close to shore and thats was all it took. The fish are in close. What worked Home made spinners Troll slow in 8 to 9 ft of water with good looking night crawlers. Water temp is low 60 s and very clear. Fish were fussy. Purple with purple beads and a purple float did the best. Purple Ice did good as well. Caught most of are fish on the inside turn Boards.
  15. Caught 3 Salmon and 1 Steelhead . Lake was calm most of the day, started to build a little 1 foot chop late afternoon. Red was the color of the day. Red hot lobster took one coho. and a red rapala with tiger stripes took three off a high line a mile back. Fished in close to start and worked out to 140 ft then back.
  16. 12 on caught 7 Big Kings and one nice Coho. Big school of bait around 30 to 60 down in 135 feet of water. Fished from 90 to 280 Caught fish on everthing from the top down. After gearing up the boat with brand new everthing, Our best lure was and old beat up Hello Darlin Go figure? Lake Michigan was flat as a pancake Great fishing Day.................
  17. 10 Salmon today 4 Chinooks and 6 Coho. Great Day on the water. Dream Weaver Spin Doctors with flys. Holo BD Fuzzy Bear Twin stacked caught the Big Fish Today!!!!!!!! Started out at 90 ft and went west to 240 ft the best was in the 150 range 72 down on the riggers. Full core on the lead did not work for us cut down to 7 color and started to pick off a few fish. Muskegon is hot right now......................
  18. Catch of the day 4 coho 2 nice kings. Fished in 90 to 200 staight out from pier. Blue and green glow type spoons worked best. Fuzzy bear BD and Diamond King Fire tigre got the big ones............
  19. A few fish were juming from time to time that keeps you going....
  20. 3 kings 1-20 lbs 1 16-lbs and 1 chrome 8 lbs didnt get out till the fog lifted.Fished the afternoon channel and sand docks. J=plugs chrome with a red head was the ticket today. fish just off bottom and check for weeds often........
  21. Jim Bob thank you for good info. I started using this web site this year and its fisherman like you that make me keep coming back. I am new to this big water fishing, Have bought a lot of lures and attractors that you have talked about. We have caught fish every time out this year or close to it. I will always give good infor myself because there are plenty of fish out there. Thanx again Now if only the wind would break on my days off............................
  22. Fished for only about a hour and a half. 3 King salmon hit Landed only 1 tonight but it was worth it. My 13 year old son caught her full of spawn and a sreamer WOW what a fish. 50 ft of water on a glow in the dark Diamond King spoon High line snap wght. Had another big fish break the line lost a dipsey chrome dodger and chrome with red head J=plug she hurt me......Dad was at Croton the fish are hitting the dam it wont be long season will be over.
  23. You want to check for weeds as often as you can before you get sick of it. 20 down as close as 10 ft
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