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  1. Grant.. did you mean 6/23 instead of 5/23?... if yes.. thanks for the report... I am going to fish Grindstone for 3 weeks in July... I am not clear where you headed out to find them... Were you near the reef in Pt Austin? Speaking to some of the locals a few weeks ago, thats where to start in 80-90 fow.. then work out.. you started deeper... what was your strategy ??

    sorry for what might be basic questions... still learing the big water strategy... a big shift for me from fishing inland lakes.

    Yep Steve good eye 6-23:lol: but yes to your question Port Austin side of the reef was my target but I was marking a lot of fish where I was, the strategy to my trip was start deep becuase the time I was going 3:00pm and work my way in to the thinner water as the sun came down, If you have a chart map plotter you can see the fastest drop off on the reef thats where I always head in the after noon, in the morning I aways go to the PA side of the reef setup in 80fow and work NE in and out troll:thumb:

    PS I hope this answers your questions I will be up there fishing on the weekends in the time frame you there, If you see a blue and white 22' starcraft offshore hard top with Great Lakes fisherman decals on it that looks like a porkypine give me a shout @ Kingchaser. on 68

  2. Made 1st trip out of Grindstone Sat. afternoon 4 for 5 heading zero degr. out to 120fow set lines worked 120 to 150 SW to NE troll alot of marks 60' to 100 down, 2.6 sog what worked.

    rigger 85 down yellow tail =Lake trout 12#

    300 copper green camo =Steehead 9#

    dipsey175 back 1 1/2 setting mongoose 11# king

    300 copper greencamo =pink

    and full core lead watermellon = hit but no body home:confused:

    Not to bad for a blind run

  3. Thanks guys:thumb: very interesting this input is important and I want to have fun fishing, at this stage of my life I thinks I may be to old to try this gig so I guess I just stay at haveing fun fishing:cool: but I'am still going to look at buying a bigger boat a 26' Bertram.

    Thanks again:thumb:

  4. After having being asked many times if a charter at the marina in Port Sanilac as there is not one there,! I was thinking maybe I should get in on this for next year and get certified to be a captain, and do some weekend trips or not just let somone else beat there head off the wall:D I"am looking at buy a 26' boat also by fall found a realy good one.

  5. Left at 8:30am out to to the bar SW troll 3and 4 at a time:cool: all crawler meat purple was the color, must have had 30 to 35 throw backs 12 to 13 inch range, good seed :thumb: only kept 12;) biggest was 22" fun day on the water.

  6. I just got around to putting the speed & temp cable on the scotty down rigger that was on my cannon rigger and the bead will not go thru the spring :eek: all the time with out catching the spring and bending it, I remember a post on how too correct this but can't find it:confused: or do I just not use the stop bead and watch it;)

    Thanks Guys:thumb:

  7. Mike, Just a thought ;) check the vent on the side of the boat that its not plugged with something like mud dobber, had that happen to me when I left the boat over on the west side for a week, then maybe try a new pc. on gas line to the engine coupler, I have seen a hose colapes and restrick the flow, hopefully it something simple:thumb:

    Good luck Mike:cool: I've been in that same gig before.

  8. Crap, maybe those things were lucky, should have kept them:lol:. Nice job on Huron silver Grant.

    They seemed to work great:thumb: they are sure fast going down:eek: but I'am getting the hang of them, we was only in 20-25fow so not a real good test but when I get working the bottom for Lake Trout later they will be nice:D

    Thanks Tony;)

  9. :thumb: Went out of Port Sanilac today at 3pm in at 7pm just playing around, and wanted to see how the new riggers was going to work and pow 3 nice kings 22ft of water all on the riggers and spoon trick 10' down and 15' and 12' down fish weight was 8.5 to 15lbs good to see some silver over here finely was running some body baits on the boards and not-a hit,:confused: was marking a lot of fish bottom 5fow.
  10. I use OR8 pad release's and I don't like them flopping around when not in use, so this year I came up with an Idea and it's working so far:thumb: I took a 6" pc. black electrical tap and put around the down rigger arm where it will serve as a release hanger, trim to lenght w/sissors and clip the release on the tap end that hangs about 2" below the arm, NO more damaged release pads:cool:

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