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  1. Didn't click, but I figured I "knew who you were", when I seen the decal on your boat....

    Sure was a nice day for a boat ride. We got 3 ho's...one on 2 color double orange crush, HJ12 100 back glass purple sunfire, and a 3rd on a small dipsy back 80 with purple spoon. It was work, we threw the kitchen sink at them.

    Yep it was tougher then friday night, I most likley seen ya but didn't ya either:( but I got fliped off by the guy going the wrong way by the wall I said something on the radio about it, and when our boards about crashed I went to the back and said don't see the rotation everyone going CCW and you going CW he looked at me and fliped me off :no:

    JUST don't know sometimes:D

  2. Good pic's Bob:thumb: I wish i could have got my other one done over the winter:( but its close just a few things to do yet, and I want it right:rolleyes: then I can park next to ya and splash so water:lol: Hey when you go on your trip leave me the keys and I'll have her wet for ya when you get back, and maybe some fish slime on the floor:D::lol::lol::grin:

  3. Nice job Grant. Hoping to be over there in 2 weeks. :thumb:

    Jason you may hit the nail right on the head the water is warming up fast I had 44 to 46.6 out to 35fow, and there is talk of some kings on the other side of pond to the east, they should go south to the blue bridge then come North up the east side, I'am thinking 2 to 3 weeks are going to be good:thumb:

  4. Left the harbor Port Sanilac at 0700 hrs back in at 1:00 pm 4 for 6 2 LK trout, 1 steelie, 1 ho, mixed bag out the back spoon and body baits, a little tough;) but no skunk,:thumb: nice day on the water:cool:

  5. Didn't do the AM thing, Just a little to froggy for me:rolleyes: fog lifted and we went at 3:00 PM boat in the water at 4:00PM NO dock but we managed to get unloaded with no problem pick up partner at fuel dock.:cool:

    Trolled North 13-15fow temp 43-44 went 3 for 3 1 nice brown 2 nice Lake Trout all on body baits, Boat ran great 1st trip:thumb:

    Forgot how to post Pics thing darn it:confused:

  6. Jeff; I have a 5.0 in my boat too and it was doing what you have stated, water seperator filter always took care mine, I keep a spare on the boat all the time.

    Also my boat has a 70 gal. tank so at half tank I fill up and I put 1 bottle of dry gas in haven't had a problem in so time.

    As PropNut said the hole check up thing would be money well spent being 15yrs old, better then row-row your boat acrossed the lake, LOL

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