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  1. I use 50% water and 50% bleach mix in a spray bottle I spray the entire back of the boat but I have a wash down deck too, so be carefull with getting it on your cloths also I have a can of OFF to spray down with not to bad.

  2. Got ya :lol::lol: I mean the weather:grin: We left the habor at 5:30 Had 3 fish by 7am 1 steelhead, 1 walleye, and a Pink:cool: then all the bait gone didn't mark none:eek: looked deep, North,went back where we was nothing :confused: so we headed South going in and out 70 to 90 fow at 12:30 the dippsey come undone with a king:thumb: made a loop went over the same spot nothing, we was sweating HOT so:no: more, went in 4 for 4:D had a guy and his 8 year old son on board, his son reeled in 2 of the fish that was a great sight first time:thumb:

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