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  1. Magic Eraser.

    I buy them at walmart , just get the pad wet and wipe the area and spray off,l dont know how they work so good but they do. They have never done any damage to my gel coat! I have had blood stains on the boat l could not get off and these things worked.

    Good luck....

  2. I up and did now, bought a newer boat.

    2001 Wellcraft 24' walkaround hard top, with 225 mer. Optimax the boat loaded all the toys with trailer.

    So come on spring it will be fish porn all over again, also l will be put the 22 starcraft offshore hard top up for sale before to long.:grin:

  3. I picked up a 250 Falcon Century Boat a Couple yrs ago and got a deal on it, it needs work like pull the 350 chey, and the lowerunit basicaly gut the boat and check it over repaint the full roller trailer, it just sets in the shed and I was thinking that I would make it my Lk Michigan Boat, but maybe I'am in for more work then it worth, or should I just gut it and sell all the usable stuff. Maybe some light here from someone will help make up my mind:thumb:

  4. 90ft-105 pine inland to the stik north south troll mid water and north end of the dunes same water had good fishing green spladder hord on full core, white paddle and green squid on mag dipseys 2 setting 150 an 165 back 300 copper chrome w/green ladder pro-king spoon done realy, lots of big fish and break offs, but had a ball:thumb:

  5. Ben; You should have a ball in Ludville, most likely combat fishing at the pier heads, if you go south to the projects be carefull and fish between the 51 to 55 line of nets as you work out deeper watch for the markers, check at Captains Chucks for the L-L #'s of the nets he should have copys there, and Ed at Thompsons is a easy in and out, Good People I stayed there last year.

    Good luck

  6. Dan, I would hook it up with the winds we have had this year speed and temp are important, I use mine all the time.

    was out last weekend and found gps speed was running 3.1 to get 2.6 at the ball and the temp. break was at 72 ft. go's from no fish to bucking rods.

    worth the time to hook it up I would say with the price of gas..

    Good luck and tight lines.

  7. I put one on my boat this year, and I think I mounted the transducer where I wanted it and came up the transom like 2ft above the water line and drilled a 5/8 hole the end went thru with no problem, put some silicone around it and put a chrome clam shell over it, No problem and I love the unit. Good Luck. Steve.

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