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  1. Looks like an awesome setup. One word of advice... don't forget your net in the vertical post when leaving the launch. Don't ask me how I know. LOL
  2. With FF combos that produce fly is wrapped up on the flasher and put in a small plastic dish rack (for washing dishes) on my boat dash to dry.
  3. Slide divers are a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. They are more of a pain to set than dipsies but you can run the bait any distance behind them. I typically do 12-15 pulls of line (so about 20-30' of line) before locking them down and putting in water.
  4. If conditions allow we run up to 8 inline boards (4 on each side), 2 slide divers set to run wide & high then 2 down riggers if sand bottom and not rocky. If enough crew in the boat we can run an additional pair of dipsey divers but that is rare. We pare this down if boat traffic or other things makes us want to do tighter turns, etc. Usually I fish with two or less crew so we are limited to 9 lines total. Depending on conditions less can be so much more.
  5. I have the GLP triple rod trees. I left the net in the vertical hole leaving the launch and it held up to 60+ mph but not to a tree branch. GLP replaced the broken part at no charge and in time so I had my tree for the upcoming fishing trip. Outstanding company to do business with and great products.
  6. First report to say something other than the orange dodger. Will have to remember to mix it up tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for the report!
  7. Lake Superior lakers definitely taste better than the Lake Michigan ones. That said try them in a fish boil.
  8. I am happy with my GLP triple vertical trees.
  9. Yes we were fishing the tournament. They called it about 9 or so Sunday AM as lightning strikes were hitting the water over by Silver City. Friday the big laker for the women was 15 lbs and change. I think the winning weight was in the upper 20s for the "Powderpuff" Division. For the Sat/Sunday part of the tournament (somebody can correct me if I am wrong as I just took a quick look before hitting the road on Sunday afternoon) the winning weight was 45 lbs + change. I'm guessing if you had upper 20's you probably had a shot at some prize money as it went 8 places deep. The big laker prize was just over14 lbs. The big chinook around 5 or 6 lbs. The big brown was just under 10 lbs, Rainbow around 4-5 lbs. The big coho prize went to a 1.96 lber... my 1.86 lber from Saturday was knocked off Sunday. Saw some at the cleaning station that would've maybe edged into money. Just goes to show to weigh every fish.
  10. Put my wife and mother on 7 (6 lakers, 1 salmon) Friday. My brother , a friend and I got 10 (6 lakers, 4 salmon) Saturday. We struggled on Sunday for 1 laker and lost a couple. Weather was cooperative until mid Sunday AM when lightning ended things. Spoons (green mostly) on riggers, orange/black thinfin and fire tiger deep T-stick Jr were the best for us. Slide divers and dipseys were dead for the most part.
  11. Good luck to you A-Fishy-Anado! I am looking forward to a long weekend with nothing to do but FISH!
  12. Anyone fishing the tournament in Ontonagon this weekend?
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