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  1. I have four riggers on my boat which has a 8'6'' beam. Fish out of Ludington and though this year was poor, the majority of fish caught came on riggers. Captain K
  2. I purchased a 778c unit a couple years ago on-line. A significant savings over a purchase from a sporting goods store. The deal included a speed wheel for free. I received the unit without the speed wheel. The on-line company denied that the speed wheel was included. After several e-mails disputing their claim though they had renewed an advertisement indicating the speed wheel was free, they sent me the speed wheel. I then decided that it would be in my best interest to connect the unit to a battery (January) instead of waiting for the spring when I would put the unit in my boat. Connecting the unit to a battery, the unit would not power up. Contacted the seller, I returned the unit. They tested it sent it back, reporting that the unit powered up. I tried it a second time and it did not power up. Returned it a second time and then received it back with no explanation, but this time the unit powered up. Lessoned learned - I will never purchase marine electronics on-line. The cost of sending the unit back twice eliminated any cost savings from buying it on-line.
  3. Another unacceptable behaviour (IMO) is the boater that power loads his boat on the trailer, especially when their is a sign posted that prohibits power loading.
  4. I prefer Chinook Classic Tournament Twist rods, 8'6" medium action rods made by Walker Downrigger Company. The line guides twist 180 degrees from the reel to the tip. When the rod is in the holder, the line guides at the end of the rod face the water. Also, the last foot of the rods are yellow, making them more visible in low light conditions.
  5. Fished the bay on Monday, July 18, 2-3 miles west of the spark plug in 20 fow. 2 man limit using bb 45-50 out. All nice fish with an equal amount of throwbacks. Color didn't seem to matter. No crowds and only three trailer rigs in DNR launch at 7 a.m. Beautiful water but got hot about 11 am. Last trip for awhile. Heading to Ludington for a month.
  6. No particular color pattern. Hit various colored harnesses but I think the colors were white, chartreuse and blue.
  7. Fished the southern end of the bay in 10-12 FOW. Went 10 for 16 in about five hours. Meat with a troll of 1.6SOG. Had the bay practically to myself. Beautiful day with 1-2 foot waves subsiding to less than 1 foot by late morning. Did not mark hardly any fish but consistently marked large globs in the water column, may have been bait fish. A few times, marked a single fish on top of these globs.
  8. I too fished the bay for the last time this summer. Fished out of Au Gres in 35fow. Four eyes and two steelhead on BB. Heading to Ludington next week for a month of salmon fishing.
  9. Good job. Sound like the same day I had on Friday by the plug, except fished deeper water. Eight eyes on BB but worked hard to get em.
  10. Fished on 5/25/10 in the a.m. Started out at Callahan reef. Took one eye and lost two others. Water was crystal clear so moved to deeper water with the thought that the clear and shallow water spookied the fish. Finished morning in 17 fow east of plug with two man limit after 4 hours of trolling. Meat rigs on BB took most fish. A couple fish caught with one ounce weight. Speed was 1.7 on gps. First time out do to boat problems, so great way to start the season.
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