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  1. After chasing the same deer for 3 years, with Bow and Gun, on the ground and in the trees, and hundreds of trail cam pics....he FINALLY screwed up!! Here he was last year under my bow stand... And here are a few of him this year while he was growing up... And the BEST trail cam pic of him EVER!!! The camera caught the moment that 220 grains of Win Mag hit him behind the shoulder!! He died in his tracks. YESSSSS!! Public Land. Marquette County, U.P of Michigan! He was aged at 5.5 years old, 178lbs. dressed, 33" neck, 18.5" spread, and rough scored around 130". After passing dozens of smaller Bucks for the last 3 years trying to be patient...It Finally paid off!
  2. Big fish are getting near the Structure already! From this morning... 24+lbs. From Sunday... 22+lbs.
  3. This is an Atlantic Towers Arch with 8 Gold Anodized Rod Holders. I will also include the 4 GLF Holders for an extra $150 The Arch is 5 Years old and in excellent shape. The width of the mounts is exactly 96". It fits 1982-1999 Tiara Pursuit 2700 with a 10' Beam, or any other application where a 96" width would work(most 10' beam boats). If you have any questions or may be interested, call me at 906-250-1052. The Arch is located in Marquette, MI. I will ship it at the buyers expense, or you may pick it up near Marquette. $1000.00
  4. Decided I needed one more weekend on Lake Michigan this year! My Brother and some old friends came up from Detroit for the weekend to fish...and I WAS ON VACATION!! Manistique, Michigan 7/23-7/24 2011 My best friend since we were Kids.... A pair of 17lbers. Coreys biggest ever at 19.5lbs. Jasons biggest ever at 17.5lbs. Then Corey got his second biggest ever at 18lbs. My Crew!! My Brother and I... Hoping my Dad is smiling down on us. And apperantly he was! 11:30p.m. Last rod in the water. Last day on Lake Michigan for the year. The biggest King on my boat in 5 years, and my Brothers biggest King ever! 24lbs
  5. Just got back from 15 straight days of Blood and Scales Fished a week out of Cedar River, MI and along Washington Island, then another week in Manistique, MI. Cedar river was DEAD....but Washington Island was a blast and the scenery was excellent!! The fishing was much better in Manistique, though still not up to normal standards. I figured I would post up a "snapshot" of my vacation....where even the Captain got to catch fish! Enjoy... A Happy Captain
  6. Exactly! Dont go cheap on your anntenna. If it cost $50....its junk, unless you want a range of 3 miles. With the VHF....its all about the anntenna, and you get what you pay for. Remember, thats the unit you may need to use to call for help one day.... Dont go cheap! Save that money elsewhere.
  7. Great Pics!! What kind of Salmon are those Jonas?? Atlantics?
  8. Hands Down.... A Dipsy Diver and a Magnum SS Yellow Tail. Divers(Slide and Dipsy) take more fish on my boat every year than any other set-up....by far. IMO, NOTHING beats a King strike on a Diver rod.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Daybreak-Charters/257720761796?v=app_2373072738&ref=mf
  10. Took a break from the Rock for a few days(dam wind again) to try for some more silver fish near Marquette. Our best spring in over 10 years for Salmon continues...
  11. Josh....Tell me about it! This guy booked Monday thru Friday to The Rock...by himself. 5 trips. We ran 1 out of 5 He stayed an extra few days so we got out yesterday as well. Thats 2 times for the week...not exatly what I was hoping for. Dam East Wind.
  12. 5-28-11 Stannard Rock, Lake Superior:thumb:
  13. I'll let the pictures do the talking.....but it was a good day at The Rock
  14. A beautiful morning for our local fishing derby today!! And some Magnum Superior Steel as well...
  15. Ok JR, I'll include the "Highline" Gotta admit, the Steelies love that spoon...at high noon!
  16. Ha! So you know Scotty eh? Hes a good guy, and he was a blast to have onboard at The Rock! I found that if I kept him hooked up to fish all day long he didnt have enough time to hit the bottle! It was cool taking him on his first trip out there and catching him his biggest fish ever!
  17. There are a lot of "good" colors, and that all changes depending on what port you fish in to! My suggestion.... Buy 1 of each of the 4 "Flounder Pounder" colors and you'll be good to go Also, I am a big fan of the Blue glow or Purple glow stuff. I am of the opinion that when the spoons are "nuclear" glowing....its too much. I like a soft subtle glow, and the blues and purples are just that. I have buddies that will fish a glow spoon in the morning on a "full charge" and wont catch a fish for 30 minutes on those spoons. Then when they do catch a fish, they re-charge it before putting it back in. WHY?? I like to put it back in the water the same way it came out. It had enough glow for the first fish to bite it....why re-charge it? Remember...Baitfish dont glow either, and Salmon dont have a problem finding them in the dark
  18. Here are a few more from that day... Lake Superior Daybreak! Glass calm 50 miles offshore on Lake Superior! Cant beat that!
  19. Thanks guys! He was just under 24lbs. and was the third biggest of the day. He was definatly fat, but only about 36" long. He was released, as were over 40 other fish that day He was caught on a 2oz. Glow Jig on a 95' deep pinnicle....within 100 yards of over 600' of water!
  20. Here is another Sunrise for ya! This morning, 40 miles offshore of Marquette, just about to Stannard Rock for the first trip of the year And it only took 15 minutes of fishing to break the 20lb. Mark
  21. It sure was Bromley! I am hoping for some nice, rolling 3-4 footers this afternoon..... That will clear all the riff-raff out from in front of the rivermouths!....except for me of corse Its been really hit and miss lately around here for the silver fish, but we still find a few from time to time. These were from yesterday morn, and they were dinner yesterday eve!
  22. I have all 12lb. test rigger rods, with a few 15lb. for flasher flies. We boated dozens of Kings last year over 20lbs, and 40+ Kings the year before over 20lbs......mostly on 12lb. set-ups. There is no way you should be breaking off gear, unless the line was nicked or damaged before the fish hit. I have caught 100lb.+ Tarpon in the Keys on 15lb. test, so I am pretty sure out tiny little Kings shouldnt be breaking it off. Adjust your drags and enjoy the fight. Its not a race! I use 12-15lb leaders at Stannard Rock all summer to catch fish well over 30lbs. without any issues.
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