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  1. They came all the way from Marathon, Florida in the Florida Keys to cool off and catch some of Lake Superiors bounty! 14 Lake Trout and a Coho Salmon in 3 hours, all fishing the skinny water with baits in the top 25'! Gotta love "springtime" fishing in July.
  2. Fishon...we fish out of Marquette, MI. Jwheeler... Yes. Barely 50 on the surface in most places, and still mostly in the 40's. Surface temp at Stannard Rock yesterday was still 38 degrees! My favorite way to cook the Lakers is a tinfoil pouch on the grill. Cover fillet in Lawerys Carribean Jerk seasoning and Lemmon juice. 6-8 minutes on a hot grill and done!
  3. Another monster from The Rock today! He bit a jig in 90' of water on 15lb test. He weighed 32lbs on the scale before he was released to fight another day. The whole fight and release was caught on video as well! Coming soon...
  4. Not a bad 4 hours on the water! All fish caught in less than 50' of water, and most caught in the top 20'. Crazy to be fishing so shallow in July, but we'll take it. Water temps are still just below 50 degrees.
  5. Here is a little preview of the underwater footage we got at Stannard Rock last Thursday! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTgLmuhOxo4 Stannard Rock Underwater Footage Underwater footage shot at Stannard Rock on Lake Superior. July 3rd, 2014 aboard the RELENTLESS with Daybreak Charters.
  6. RELENTLESS in the Lower Harbor of Marquette for the Fourth of July celebration. Flags and Friends instead of Fishing gear and Fillets!
  7. 30 fresh fillets hitting the grill now at Cinder Pond Marina in Marquette! Come get all you want! Free Fourth of July Caribbean Jerk and Lemon Pepper fillets until they're gone!
  8. A few of the pictures from yesterday's trip to Stannard Rock! https://scontent-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xaf1/t1.0-9/p100x100/10530924_694383997301663_3289964372713007498_n.jpg Michigan Out-of-Doors TV Here's a few more photos from yesterday's trip out to Stannard Rock.. Happy 4th of July!!
  9. Wishing everyone a happy and safe Fourth of July! Be sure to thank a Veteran today for for your freedom, because it didn't come free.
  10. Great day at Stannard Rock with Jordan from Michigan out-of Doors TV! We put over 75 fish in the boat today, and kept 25 smaller ones for the grill. Great weather, great crew, great fishing...nuff said!!
  11. Fingers are crossed, knocking on wood and saying my prayers! Hoping for calm seas, light winds, and giant fish at Stannard Rock tomorrow with Jordan from Michigan out of Doors TV show! Mobile Uploads UP bound!! I'll be spending the next few days in Marquette, hoping to finally make it out to Stannard Rock for some world class lake trout fishing! - Jordan
  12. Here is one of the videos from last week at Stannard Rock! The release video of the fish is coming soon! What a day!! Congrats Jillian! https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=265615240293601&id=257720761796 Video of Jillian catching her fish with Daybreak Charters.
  13. Jillian's monster! Over 30lbs, caught on a Jig in 75' of water, on 15lb test. Many would have put this fish on the wall, but Jillian decided she'd rather see it swim away! We released him after a few pictures in great shape to fight another day.
  14. That wasn't the biggest of the day, either. A catch and release video of one well over 30lbs is coming soon!
  15. Another great day at The Rock, with a crew I will never forget! Awesome memories!! We put over 50 fish in the boat, with calm seas and blue skies, it doesn't get much better!
  16. No spud needed! Thankfully!! 110' is "shallow" around here. We were within 1 mile of 650' of water. This fish was suspended about 40' off the bottom, as are most of the bigger fish. Catching them on 15lb test spinning gear insures you can't "horse" em up, and allows for plenty of time for them to "burp" themselves before coming up, and with the 36-38 degree water, they release very well. It's tougher in August with warmer water. This fish took 25 minutes to get to the boat, and after a few quick pics, he was gone in a flash as soon as he hit the water.
  17. Had to be within 100 yards of it to even see the lighthouse yesterday. Thank god for Radar, GPS, and my guardian angel! The thick stuff set in and we had the whole 45 miles back in the fog. At least the lake was calm and the fishing was great!
  18. We didn't hang him from the scale because we were releasing him, but 22-25lbs is my estimate.
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