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  1. Tastey Tastey. I got one on a hunt last March. Filled up the big salmon cooler with meat. Congrats I am sure thet you will have some on the BBQ Grill soon.
  2. Those shacks look nice and the coffee and baileys sounds too good but I tough it out. I will be walking in tomorrow which also means walking out 1.3 miles each way so I have to go light which means no shack. Good luck guys and stay warm. When the holes are drilled it is fish or no fish I don't move much.
  3. For those interested in the Reel Crazy fishing contest please e-mail [email protected] I will reply to all with the contest rules and an entry form. All proceeds less the prize cost will be donated to the March of Dimes. I have kept this pretty simple and liberal so everybody can at least enter one fish. Everyone who has fish entered prior to May 1 will stay in the draw for Nov 1
  4. I have been going to you tube and typing in wisconsin ice fishing....They catch brown trout over there the size of king salmon through the ice. They catch nice steelies through the ice too but so do I so that is not so exciting to watch. Then I watch all of the salmon fishing on you tube. Looks like fishing is goood on the other side of the M pond
  5. If you are interested in the salmon tournament as a rider I will have a couple of seats on my salmon boat or I can probably find you a seat on a local boat. I have arrangements to purchase 4 - $250 gift certs from Wehrs Mackinaw Outfitters in Mackinaw City for two salmon tournaments and two draws for the Reel Crazy contest. I have to get the Salmon tournament details worked out yet. I am looking at July 4 and the first Saturday in August. If anyone is interested in the Reel Crazy contest e-mail me at [email protected] I will forward the information. You can enter for $5.00 up to $15.00 depending on how many fish that you want to enter. I have a variety of fish that qualify and the qualifying size is pretty liberal. You can e-mail a picture of the fish next to a yardstick to get it entered. If you live in Grand Rapids and want to get into this contest I will make it easy for you. If you are coming up fishing for a couple of days or a week I can make it easy to get into the contest too.
  6. I am working with Farmers Insurance of St Ignace and Jim Wehrs Mackinaw Outfitters to provide two fishing contests and two salmon tournaments for 2010. The salmon tournaments will be held at the St Ignace launch site. The first will be held July 4 2010. The first fishing contest will be held starting 01-01-2010 and it runs to 05-01-2010. All proceeds above the cost of prizes will be donated to the March of Dimes. If you are interested in information please call me at (906) 643-8630. I will have contest information posted at Jim Wehrs in Mackinaw City. You can enter the Reel Crazy Contest for as little as $5. I will have more information in the next couple of days.
  7. Just Hookin. I like that coffee and bailey's then just sit & wait. I have my spots that are always productive every day all winter long. I fish steelhead through the ice so once you get a few you just wait and a few more will show up. This year once the ice gets on good I am going to move a little once the bite lets up. I hate all of that taking down and re setting though. I usually move one tip up at a time instead of everything at once. On a good day you can watch flags from 200 yards out too. I have had days where you drill one hole and you are done fishing in 20 minutes, so much for coffee on those days
  8. Thanks for letting me know Mike. I have participated in this before and have turned in 6 salmon a couple of years ago. Three were planted in Rogers City and three were planted in Charlevoix. All six fish were caught off from the Coast Guard dock in St. Ignace. I catch very few planted steelhead so I have not submitted any of them yet. Still waiting to catch a planted brown trout. They were taking the heads at the state park in St Ignace before. I have also given them to the creel census employee, she also takes them. This past year they were taking the stomachs for stomach samples and I was able to contribute a few.
  9. Let the snow melt a little first. I would consider it driving downstate and hitching a ride on someones boat. My Jeep uses way too much gas to pull the boat 500 miles for a weekend plus the other expenses. But it does sound like loads of fun, if I can hitch a ride. On the other hand if St Ignace is a port that you would want to launch out of I can offer some members a ride.
  10. If that is not a limit it is one fish shy good job.
  11. Tear drops and wax worms. I will bring the tip ups this weekend though because there are some big pike in the same area. Nothing beats a nice fresh pike from under the ice filleted boneless and rolled in drakes then put them in the fry daddy. By the way the whitefish they were just the best.
  12. Sounds good. If I can get a couple of steelhead through the ice this weekend I will give it a try
  13. Sounds good Jim. Let us know what you have when you get all of the details worked out. But for a few$$$ to join a co-op at $7.00 a lure it won't take long to get your money back if we can even get them at $5.00
  14. The kid and his friend caught 20 whitefish today!!! I am going with him on Saturday! The steelhead fishing can wait. I am going to catch the whitefish while they are biting
  15. I am here at work while my son who never fishes is out on the ice catching whitefish. I told him how to set the hook before he left this am and it seems to be working. I know what is for dinner!!!!!
  16. Never thought of it that way. I just love crawling out of the sack at 3:00 am to go fishing. I wonder why I don't see any other fishermen out there then. You don't have to wait at the boat launch either.
  17. I am headed out this weekend and pretty much every weekend throughout the winter to fish for steelhead. I am in St Ignace so it is a pretty good location to start from. I have good steelhead spots in all directions from me. If you get up this way let me know and I will get you out on the ice or the water.
  18. Nice fish, just got all of my gear ready to go yesterday. I will be going out this weekend for steelhead through the ice. If there is good ice I am sure that I will find some chrome underneath.
  19. The feeder ditches E of Bay City freeze pretty fast and they hold some nice perch right now. I am 200 miles away or I would be there ice fishing.
  20. The cougar was shot in New Mexico and it is a New Mexico Game Warden Pictured
  21. You are absolutely right, there is no proof that this is a Michigan CO. I looked at the pick up and you cannot see the license plate. If anyone has any info on this scenerio please provide it. Ken, how about if I send you my deer hunting photos instead???
  22. If one of the moderators will send me an email address I will forward the atricle w pics and they can post it. I can only hope that the DNR will post public access areas that these animals are present and that they are dangerous. Now I am really considering purchasing a handgun for personal protetection and self defense against all of the dnr friendlies
  23. This is how our DNR keeps us informed on current situations. In Mesick, Michigan on 09/10/2009 a local resident shot and killed a cougar in his back yard after the animal first attacked his dogs then turned on him. The homeowner armed with a handgun placed 9 rounds into the cougar killing it. For those of you who do not know where Mesick is it is between Cadillac and Traverse City in the LP. I am furious that the DNR is keeping this hussh hush until now. I will email pics to anyone who wants them.
  24. With temps going into the teens for the next two weeks I would say that we will have safe ice in a couple of weeks. I will go out on the 26th & 27 the. I usually give it a week or so after the other guys venture out. I have been swimming before and it is no fun.
  25. Hey Aaron, welcome from the UP guy we are elbows deep in snow so I will be checking out your site. Like the story about the 8K fly reel. I used to get some pretty good fish on the old 202 zebco. Then I grew up and got a job, now I work so I can afford to fish.
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