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  1. This is my first day not on the water in awhile ( fished the last ten days in a row ). What a riot !!!! Between snow, wind,and all the boat pressure, we have been having a BLAST !!! This great fishery has been making me look good We have landed 259 walleye so far ( some really nice ones too). Thanks to all that have come out with me. I will try to get at least a couple of pics up later.
  2. The females are still there. Well maybe not there, but where I am fishing:grin:
  3. I had a cancellation on April 28. The fishing has been great so far ! Here is your chance to get in on some awesome Detroit River jigging action ! Call me 724-658-0357
  4. But it changes color after time, is more expensive than powerbait, dries on your jig if you leave it overnight,and Powerbait has cooler colors. I always have a couple jugs of Gulp on board too !
  5. The NEW Fenwick HMG rods are going to be super sweet Detroit River jigging sticks !! The are awesome !!!
  6. I would always go group 31 if you can. Like Maniac said, buy two at the same time. I use the heck out of mine and can kill them on a windy day. With a good charger you shouldn't have to water them very often. Deka, Interstate,really only 3 manufacturers . I am not a huge fan of the blue tops
  7. I use a Luhr jenson file. I usually just make two swipes. Kind of hard to explain. If the treble hook tip is at 12 o:clock I make one light swipe up at 2 o:clock . Then one light swipe up at 10 o:clock. Sometimes it wont stick in your nail. You can tell it is sharp be sticking it in the meat of your thumb
  8. Lake Erie Metropark is open. I wouldn't waste my time.....yet
  9. Stannard Rock and the Niagra river
  10. This should be a great show. Lots of walleye ,bass,and perch seminars. Tons of tackle. I will have a booth and be doing seminars each day. Only 5 bucks to get in with free parking http://www.huronvalleysc.org/mich-ohio-expo/
  11. I will be doing a seminar on Thursday Jan 16 at the Huron Valley Sportfishing Club . It starts at 7;30. The seminar is " Trolling early for Lake Erie Walleye". Everyone is welcome. Please come out and talk some fishing. — at American Legion Post No 200 11800 Michael St, Taylor, MI 48180.
  12. The Aces Hi are pretty much the only style that I run anymore. You can take a spoon off and hook right to the plug with your Sampo. This and they catch a lot of fish.
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