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  1. 1)highline 2)highline (standard) 3)crabface 4)carbon14 5)blue flounder JR
  2. Adam, I dew my best on the jon king paddles,very light weight with awesome action. Dan
  3. both are superior reel companies. I feel daiwa makes an awesome rigger reel,okuma makes some real good stuff too, but i like okumas more for running copper or bigger cores. Either way you wont go wrong. JR
  4. they have more fishing stuff than any gander mountain in our area!! jr
  5. Bromley, i have been using woodstock brand leadcore with good results. I buy it at fleet farm in green bay. $16.99 for 200yds. JR
  6. yes it did. Took the guy fifteen minutes to make up his mind, and he was writing me a check!! JR
  7. thanks Bromley, I sold my boat on saturday,so now im in the process of waiting for my new boat and setting up all the goodies!! JR
  8. looking for pictures or suggestions on how others mounted there kicker to there euro type transoms. I do not want to go with a garelick bhracket because the kicker i am going with has electrictilt/trim. Thanks Dan
  9. That picture is in my backyard every morning and night!! My favorite place in the great lakes to fish is my hometown!!ONTONAGON!!!!!!!!! DAN AUDETTE
  10. I know! just having fun! I got it made down there,wiggled my way into a private dock! Still love going over to Dicks for entertainment at night. JR
  11. If you like drunken idiots playing bumper boat all night long its the place to be!!! JR
  12. One thing to think about is the attractor. if you have good meat and a small flasher you will not get the proper action. What you are looking for is a roll abouth the diameter of a softball, with a whip at the end. If you use a small dodger or attractor you might as well not run meat at all. Running a bigger attractor is crucial to get the proper SPIN and WHIP.I have been prepping bait for about four years with excellent success. Dan Audette moonshine lures prostaff
  13. I cant believe bugeye flies or moonshine flies arent on the poll!! They are both u.p. made flies. whats the deal?
  14. yeck-vegas pearl w/black back yeck-baby blue w/black back yeck monkey puke w/black back moonshine half moon dandy candy(prototype) moonshine night crawler moonshine highline mag SS greasy chicken wing
  15. heres my two cents...... If this was my setup, i would not go with any rigger rod bigger than 7ft, mainly because i run small diameter mono on my riggers,secondly i dont like not being able to go over the top of my rods with others. I run 12-14lb test on all of my riggers,and run andes mono. I have had good luck with the durability of andes. For your leadcore i would run flouro leaders, with rods bein 8-8'6". much bigger they tend to get tangled with othe rrods in your trees. As others have recommended i would go with a couple of wire divers, but also have diver rods setup to fish higher in the water column, wire is awesome but early in the year you will be under the fish. I prefer slide divers to any other diver on the market. Again just my two cents. JR
  16. why do you run your wire so high in the water column? I would run your wire on a 2-2.5 setting and you should keep that board as far away from the boat as you can. Often time i run wire with up to three other cores or copper per side. JR
  17. Moonshine blue flounder-standard moonshine highline-standard and mag moonshine orange flounder standard JR
  18. I use 100% flouro on every single leader i tie. Thats just me and i have tested many of flouros. To this day i stand by seagur floro(spelling?) Dan
  19. how does everyone like that wire? i havent tried it yet! Dan
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