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  1. Caught 2 nice eyes today - one off the trailer park in 7' and 5#er on outside of dump island just off the channel. both came on big firetiger raps off yellow birds. Only marked a few fish.
  2. 1. Has anyone used spinner baits on the bay? Would be something like the June bug but with weight. We used to use them in Canada with good success. 2. Any suggestions on keeping the rubber skirts from disolving into clumps?
  3. Good job Frank. Looks like I need to head up once the snow quits.
  4. I haven't seen a post here all winter, although many from here post on mich-sportsman. ?? Sounds like the bay is open. Guess it is time to open up the boat and let 'er float.
  5. Dan A friend of mine uses an old picnic 1/2 gal? water jug - screwon top with small flip opening. Has a handle. I use them sometimes too. The handle is real nice and the insulation keeps minnows cool in summer, unfrozen in winter. I have seen them sold in baitshops for the same purpose.
  6. What is a mamooshga jig ??? Ever use hali lures with waxworms?
  7. nice minnows but they don't open until 9am. cass river party store [?] has minnows too I hear. Nikkis in Zillwaulkee used to have them but late open time too.
  8. We only went to the end of the island. The water is about 3-5' in that area but we saw a few boats that disappeared south downriver. . Probably put in at the boat launch off M13?? Didn't get out today - too many end-of-summer/winter-coming jobs to do but may shoot down there tomorrow if the rain isn't too bad.
  9. Fished the Sag River today where the 3 rivers meet. Caught 7-8 eyes - 3 legal. jigs/ minnows. [Hard to find minnows in Saginaw area though!] One was 4#. Also a nice small mouth. Many sheepheads too. Great day to be on the water. 2 flocks of turkeys flew across near us to add to the day. No deer, but 2 hunters. Water testing is going on in the area but poses no problem.
  10. Went out yesterday from Patterson [bC] for perch. Saw one other boat. 1-2' waves, not bad. Tried several places around the black hole = 2 small perch. Trolled out toward the plug for eyes - no hits. Wild rain storms went all around / through us. Waves weren't bad but rain was hard at times. Got one perch by channel and that was it. Finally quit around 2. Talked to guy who had been getting perch between island and channel. 11' . Go figure Will try again in between bow hunting and bad weather.
  11. I Haven't been out in 3 weeks but saw a report saying they caught 16-18" eyes near the Black hole area. Slow but fish there. We are trying for perch tomorrow - will report.
  12. Caught 2 eyes in area between sparkplug [middle plug] and A buoy. One was near channel 23' the other was in 17' Lots of fishing between the two. Caught one 11" perch trolling near channel. Heard someone on radio who said he kept catching big perch trolling a mile NW of the green sparkplug - which I assume was 1-2 buoys. Heard reports of catches off east side in 7-12' but who knows. I have marked lots of fish in shallow waters lately. Must be too much baitfish available??[
  13. The hotel is on south end of bay by Augres. I realized I forgot to state that. Sorry. We launched from the river and went out a little south. Near the shipping channel. [Not HBO] Watch out for frieghters and boats cruising. You can see the wind turbines on the other side on a clear day. Electrifying! Dinner is at 6. BYO.
  14. We caught some nice 10-11" perch in 39-42' off the hotel yesterday. Just regular perch/crappie rigs with minnows. Not a soul around. Then caught a couple walleyes as we trolled back in with crawlers. Wish we had had time to stay and catch more. Marked a lot of fish.
  15. We boated 7 nice eyes Saturday straight out from Gambils 19-24' with bb/meat. Assisted drift with wind. Caught too many white bass though. Lost a few on retrieve too. Sunday by myself...One right away in 18' but then whites again. Moved out toward 1-2 [but not out to it] and picked up 4 more and lost 3 on the way in. Sometimes they were suspended, sometimes on the bottom. Normal colors...firetiger,chartreuse, purple, red. lime. A lot slower than Thursday - I caught over 10 in 2 hrs in the same spot. Weather change? Who knows/ That's fishing. Beats working.
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