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  1. Fished GH this am. 90-100 fow best. North troll today, It was a spoon bite for us. 4for7 3 kings, 1 steel (released) 240,300 took 5 hits, temp break 55 down. Red jamacian, coyote ugly 2 hits each, fish scattered not much of a pattern.
  2. Thanks Matt....are you using strip bait or whole? And it might help some of the guys to explain how you tune your bait to get the right roll. What to do and what not to do. The correct roll is key to a meat presentation, if bait is spinning, it's wasting time.
  3. Did you have E. winds last night or this morning before this storm moved in?
  4. Matt...good report. We all would like to hear how you setup your meat program, but the attention to detail makes a big difference on getting meat to fire.
  5. Good advice RTF....Tony/Craig at Capt. Chuck's always are up to date with what's going on around Ludington, and are just great guys and tough competitiors. BBDH...check your replies on GLA forum. Good Luck and Tight Lines
  6. Nice report Colin....that storm Sunday a.m. was sure something, glad you made it off the lake in time, have to respect that lake, it can sure change fast. We were fishing the Manistee tournament, glad they delayed the start time until 8:30 and let that storm pass, was the right call. Were you fishing the stick?
  7. Paulywood is absolutely right. Usually in June the water conditions are changing daily, wind, waves, and current can change and can shut down a pattern. Using the surface temp charts can help narrow down water at times. Swede...your next time out watch surface temp charts, wind direction, wave heights several days before you go, both LPS and BPS funnel the water depending on conditions. Last Wednesday my buddy fished LPS, 120-140 fow and did good, down temp was 47 degrees 60' down, and the fish were there on the bait you saw. With the South blow we had Thursday and Friday the warm water rushed in, we started in the 120-140 fow on Saturday, but the down temp was 62 degrees 100' down, we started heading west with those down temps, unproductive water, first king came 105' down in 190 fow, down temp was 55 degrees. As we worked out we noticed several surface temp breaks (scumlines) noted by a calm slick on the surface, was a 3-4 degree temperature change from one side to the other, 56-57 degrees on the surface. The first couple of fish puked up small alewives, 2-3 inches long, we switch over spoons to regular size and SS, that's when the 150-200 CU started firing. Hope this helps on your next trip out on the pond.
  8. Yes Ben....that's MJ. We didn't run any 600' CU on Saturday, fish were up in the water column. Worse, he's spooled up some 800' CU, he needs some electric reels.
  9. Swede, We fished 7-2 and did well off LPS. Very foggy in the a.m. but clearedup in the afternoon, midday bite was good for steel, several scumlines setup from 180-240 fow, and the fish were there, and not a boat around. I believe we ended up with 23 for ?, 19 boxed, 3 skippers and 1 laker released. The south winds moved the fish out into deeper water, bait was in tight.
  10. We fished the same water 6-25 p.m. 135-145 seemed best. Ended up 5 for 8, 3 kings, 1 steel, 1 coho, 2 kings lost at the back of the boat, moonshine pattern on 300' copper and wire dipseys were best in the last hour. We seen all of the lakers stacked on the bottom, asked my 3 buddies if they wanted to run laker pattern deep, earlier in the afternoon. Nobody wanted lakers...go figure.
  11. Russ...think your speed sounds about right. But it can vary from day to day with currents, target depths, lures being run. When were running leadcores and copper, usually run same size spoons...regulars, SS, magnums, etc. And each run better at certain speeds, I'll target a certain depth and run probe down on rigger to get a speed reading at that depth and trolling direction, relate that to GPS surface speed, then target that speed for starters, but experiment and let fish tell you what they want. Hope that helps.
  12. 11 for 13 this morning, 10 kings, 1 laker, 2 shakers released No real pattern this am, 120-140 fow best for us, midday bite was best with 1-triple and 1-double, mostly spoon bite. Stealth spread seemed best, long leads, 12 lb test.
  13. Hey Mike, I was one of the 2 other boats to follow you out. Had a crew of 4, all seasoned (no chummers) We rode it out, and the lake laid down later in the morning. I can say you didn't miss much, we ended up 3-4 1 steel, 2 small kings. Best water was 150-170 break down about 80-85 ft, strong current, tough to keep a good speed at the ball. Small Stinger size spoons took only hits, 2 on 300' copper, 2 on Torpedo's, nothing on riggers couldn't get them to go. Tough conditions, but we will get better fishing before season is done, keep after em. Tony aka Fishin' Impossible
  14. http://ludingtonsalmonfishing.com/fishingreport Try this one, usually up to date
  15. We also fished the Offshore Classic, I have every year since the tournament started. I met Paul from Z-1 at the weigh in for the first time, to say I was very impressed would be a understatement. I've fished Ludington for 25+ yrs and know quite a few of the charter captains, and come around time for the Classic it gets very quiet on patterns and location. This is what I was so impressed by with Paul from the Z-1 team, we compared notes, patterns, locations. He was completely upfront and honest. I found this amazing. He also told me that you guys lost 2 Lakers at the end of day 2, that would have completed the 12 fish limit. And that would have won the Classic, and he laughed about it. That speaks volumes about a class act. I prefished with BCT last year on Wednesday before the Classic, very interesting experience, I walked away shaking my head. Will never do that again. Congratulations to the Z-1 team.
  16. 7-10 AM Fished S.H. this morning. Kept about 40 perch, fair amount of sorting. We fished Deerlick area 22 FOW, most people fishing dunes a little further south. Hope this helps. Fished 8am-2pm fished North for awhile, tried several waypoints, never found the perch.
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