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  1. My recomendation would be Capt. Russ Clark of Sea Hawk charters. He is one of the best on the river. If ya google Sea Hawk charters he has a website.
  2. The wife and I fished a swm river today. Ended up 3/4 all on spawn. 2 coho and a steelie. The wife had a ball, it was her first time river fishing with me and she did pretty well attempting to walk spawn.
  3. Hit a SWM river this morning, after getting some rain and cooler temps I was itching to go. Just did some backtrolling thru some holes and did manage two decent steelhead about 6lbs each. It was awesome to be back on the river. I will be out again tomorrow as I have a few days off.
  4. Holy smokes, 325 outa St. Joe is a heck of a run.
  5. I fish mostly out of St Joe. Since I added copper to my boat ( 300' 30lb/150' 30lb) I have found that it put more fish in the boat than Leadcore. Most of last year I ran the two coppers off one side of the boat and a full and half core off the other. The copper out produced the core. So this year I have added more copper and only have a two and three color left on the boat.
  6. You can clean them at Tackle Haven. They have a cleaning station outback. I do believe there is a small fee.
  7. Ok, How about it in black? Clair
  8. Mike, I would like one. The one you have posted looks fine. Black letters with white background. I work up in Kalamazoo and could meet you about anywhere.
  9. Nice boat. Where did ya pick up the rod holders in the 3rd pic? Like to get a pair for storage. Clair
  10. Nice catch, Myself my daughter and her boyfriend fished yesteday too. We also avoided the crowds in front and fished down at the Cook. Could only fish a couple hours, but we went 5 for 7 with the biggest king being 15.4 on our handheld scales.
  11. Parts are pretty hard to find for that unit. Maybe you could find a used one and use it for parts. Thats what I did. I have a complete head unit thats just missing the on/off switch. The spare that I have is not the plus model, but the parts are interchangable. If your buddy is interested I would be willing to sell it. Clutch and belt are fine. Let me know Clair
  12. Chanel 68 or 72. We will be there in the morning. Took a three man limit in 2 1/2 hours today. Heres a pic.
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